Thursday, October 2, 2014

5 Babies

Let me take an electronic moment to play the part of overly proud mama and aunt, because 2 days ago the 5th grandchild of the year was born on my side of the family, totaling 27 grandchildren in all. Not too shabby.

Back in February I took this picture of all the pregnant ladies on my side of the family at my dad's 60th birthday bash:

And roughly 9 months later, here is the result:

5 healthy babies, 5 smooth deliveries (although my sister who delivered 2 days ago only had 9 minutes from the time she got to the hospital to when her little guy made his appearance. 9 minutes!!) But all are well and healthy- praise be! I think the boy grandkids are winning currently with the count at 15 males and 12 females, but give it time, the girls may be able to catch up.

Pick your word: amazing, awesome, beautiful, exciting, wonderful, spectacular. I choose them all but above all I would call them unmitigated, undeserved, incredible blessings. My parent's are on cloud Nine with all these blessings:

Now for the overly-proud mother: here's little buddie Joe at 2 whole months ex-utero, because I can't post and not feature him in some way, forgive me:

Sorry for the picture heavy, low word count posts, but one handed blogging is not my forte and it's pretty much the only way I can these days. Naturally here's a picture of me one-handed blogging!


Happy Thursday, Party People!


  1. Ummm I love this.

    So much.

    What a blessing for all of your family!!

    Come ooooon, Harringtons! Catch up to the Homols.

  2. How fun! We have a big extended family on my mom's side (there's 42 of us cousins) and currently 5 of us are pregnant, and one with twins! So crazy and so blessed!

  3. 5 healthy beautiful babies!! Such a wonderful blessing. And Joe is such a cutie but I especially love the faces his sisters are making for the camera!

  4. See, it's all good to do mostly photo posts, especially when all the kiddos are so cute!

  5. LOVE all those boy babies! Congrats to you all!

  6. Yeah for well-loved babies! Your kids have TONS of cousins, what a blessing! And of course, whoever named their baby Declan (your sister?) gets a gold star :)

  7. That's a lot of babies! My family's 13th grandbaby in on his way tonight! Babies are such a blessing!