Wednesday, November 12, 2014

out from under my rock

I forgot how to start a blog post so I'm just going to jump right in as if I haven't ignored this little corner of the internet for almost 2 weeks. Prepare yourself for copious boring updates and grainy stolen instagram pictures. I be a goooooood blogger.

A week ago my little sister came for a visit and was the world's best helper, spoiling me just the leeeetle too much. My arms had the most welcome respite, not that I don't love holding 14 pound mini-Mike 24/7, but my muscle-less arms sometimes almost fall off.

I grammed about our consumption of the best donuts this side of the Mississip, but it's worth another mention because these puppies were off the hook:

South Bend people: this is a friendly PSA that Westend bakery donuts are the best in the area, no joke. You're welcome.

Then said sister left and I cried and decided to go ahead and sleep train Sir Joseph, the Sleep Tyrant.
You see, it's not that I don't love blogging and being apart of the blogging world, it's just that me   no   make   many   enough   coherent    sentences    in   head   or   on   blog   with    never   sleep.

Really it has been so SO bad. I would say that I've been averaging between 3-5 highly interrupted hours of sleep a night for the last 3 months and I think my brain has started to melt a little- I often don't know what day it is and was genuinely starting to worry about remembering all 4 kids when out on errands. I think that's the point when you decide to "sleep train" (nice way of saying scream-until-you-sleep), right?

We're only on night 4, so there is still very little sleep and a whole lot of crying, but anything is better than what the nights looked like previously. You want a rundown, don't you? I knew you did.

Between 7:30-8: spend at least 20 minutes rocking him to sleep
Between 8-10: go into him at least 2 to 3 times to get him back to sleep
Midnight (on a good night): up for first feeding, feed him and lay him back down
12:30- he's screaming again, go and pacify back to sleep
3 (on a good night)- awake for another feeding, feed a lay back down
3:15- he's screaming go to pacify to sleep
3:30- screaming more, go in to pacify again
Between 4-5- what's that sound? it's Joseph screaming again, bring him in bed and not fall back asleep because he is the squirmiest, gruntiest sleeper ever
6:30- decide to just get up with him because this is the worst.

He knows I love him.
On the plus side it can only get better, I think.

So now we march forward armed for another night of battle with the tiniest Tyrant and his iron lungs. I'll update you soon on the progress, I promise.


  1. Solidarity sister. My minds melting too. Prayers that sleep comes swiftly to the Hahn house

  2. I never knew the sleep challenges that awaited me with parenthood (naive, much?). And, it didn't help that my firstborn was a gem of a sleeper. But, then we welcomed buddy numero dos and he has rocked my sleep world like crazy. He's 22 months and still manages to wreak havoc on my sleep. So many prayers for you! And, pray that sleep training helps sooner than later!

  3. Good luck with the sleep training. It will be well worth it in the end. And your sister is just the cutest thing!

  4. Praying for you. Those days of no sleep are awful. On a better note - that picture of your sister with the girls is precious and Lucy looks SO big!

  5. good luck!! Praying tonight goes better. Sleep training is not easy, but soooooo worth it.

  6. Ohhh, that winnie the poo jumper brings back memories...our oldest (now 14) had the exact same one!

  7. I'm excited about those donuts. We are moving to the Bend soon, any more insider tips? We lived there for 4 years but that was 5 years ago.

  8. oh my gosh, my Joseph melted my damn brain. A year before that kid slept through the night. Don't be as stupid as I was. Pop some earplugs in and let that big baby sleeeeeeep. (Or scream. Doesn't matter which if you can't hear him.)

  9. Ugh, unfortunately I also have a very squirrely, grunt-y, restless sleeper. And 21 months later? She's STILL THAT WAY. *cries* Hope your kid mellows out soon for you!

    p.s. I was just in the 'Bend over the weekend and indulged in many a Westend applesauce donut. They are actually the best donut I've ever had anywhere. (Portland, Seattle, Philly, NYC, I'm looking at you!)

  10. I think you're just making this stuff up. He looks SO ridiculously happy and sweet in every single photo you post ;)
    But seriously (I mean he seriously does look like such a sweet and content little baby) - Clare was just like this and woke up 10-20+ times a night for over a year and it turned out she had food allergy issues and was having lots of gas, itchiness, possibly reflux that we weren't picking up on...I mean we all know you're always tired with a baby around but THIS kind of sleep deprivation is another beast all together. So bummed to hear you have to deal with this, and we'll add you to our prayer list tonight!!

  11. Power on, Mama! You'll be soooo happy and it will be so worth it!

  12. I'm also completely incoherent without sleep! Best wishes with the tyrant!

  13. Weston was same same same. I subsisted on - very seriously, no not joking - 2-3 hours a night for 6 months at least. Then slightly better and now at 14 months he's almost sleep trained (almost? Really bud?) but is still up once a night. Boys are NEEDY. But they're so dang lovable.

    1. Oh and, Joseph really is just so cute. Hope he gives you break STAT.

  14. I had this problem with my first and with my second I knew that there was no point in getting a baby to sleep and then putting them down on a flat surface (crib). For my second I used a slanted bassinet and I rolled a towel and put it under her knees to push her legs into her tummy, I know flat on the back is supposed to be safest but anything you can do to create a safe slant might help?