Monday, April 6, 2015

everybody loves Easter

Is there a Monday that trumps all Mondays like Easter Monday? In the best of ways and the worst. Best because- um, Jesus! And worst because- sugar hangovers for all!

But let's go back to the beginning with Holy Week, which for me can be translated as "do all the things you were supposed to do during Lent but didn't" week. I didn't give anything up for Lent, but I had made some internal resolutions of the prayer variety, one of which was to try to take the kids to daily Mass more. I can count on 2 fingers how many times that happened and both times were major feast days and Mike was with us so- fail.

Until Holy Week!!

I actually succeeded 3! Whole! Times! Although one of the times was on my birthday and Mike was with us and we camped out in the cry room, but I am just marinading in the fact that the 2 times I went solo with the kids they didn't break me. We even hit up the Basilica on campus both of those times where there is NO cry room, and just the thought of the absence of it makes me break out in a panicked sweat, but we did it and even paid a visit to the grotto post Eucharist.

I do not know how you parents with many little people do all the Triduum things with all your kids in tow and some of you even top it off by braving the 3-hour-vigil with them! You are my heros, but heros that I do not care to try to imitate yet, I do not have that level of virtue in my being. Mike brought Naomi along to Holy Thursday Mass and I had a little Mass date with not-so-little J-man for the extra long Good Friday Mass and it was basically amazing.

Holy Saturday I did some un-holy coloring of eggs with them...

And forgot that hard boiled eggs need to be refrigerated and had to throw them all away after about 10 hours of them sitting pretty on our table at room temp. 

We hit up Sunday morning Mass where we parked ourselves in the veeeery front row and managed not to make a total spectacle and then headed home for what is now our traditional backyard Easter egg hunt, which the girls were especially cut-throat about this year. And pictures, naturally.

The celebrating culminated with dinner surrounded by great friends and lots of rambunctious overly-sugared-up kids and all-in-all, I'd say it was an all-around victorious and beautiful Easter for everyone.

Happy Easter Monday!


  1. Oh the girls in their Easter hats - love :) (especially Michael Jackson-Bernadette with her one glove!). I forgot those shrink-wrap things for eggs existed - those were SO fun when I was a kid!!! Now I want to go out and get some for us...

    Happy Easter!

  2. About halfway through the Vigil I just wanted to leave! We were at St Matt's for 5.5 hours and the kids got to bed at 2 am. Somehow they stayed awake the whole vigil and were up bright and early the next morning. I was exhausted...

  3. Oh my goodness... the little white gloves!!!!

  4. My kids are 10 and 12 and I'm pretty certain that even they would need to be removed from the Vigil at some point! Your kids are just the cutest!

  5. The hats! So cute. And way to go taking your kids to mass solo! That is a Lenten feat for sure. :)

  6. Super hero Mom for taking all the kids to mass! You win!!!
    Happy Easter to all

  7. This is news to me that hard boiled eggs should be refrigerated. We are big hard boiled egg eaters and I regularly leave them out- I'm alive so I'm guessing you can get away with this. But I will be googling more about it.Thanks!

  8. Love the Easter hats! And the sweet happy baby smile :)