Friday, October 9, 2015

Links and Leggings {Link-tober fest with a coupon code!!}

1) I realize you are very possibly clicking through Mrs. Mantoan herself, but if you by chance missed THIS POST by her and you have ever thought of homeschooling, or wondering why in the h-e-double-toothpicks anyone every would, you should definitely click on over to it. I have had people inquire as to why I am doing the homeschooling thing since I was previously dreading it so, and instead of ever answering that question again, I think I'll just make a printout of Kelly's post and hand them out to the curious.

2) Carolyn started the first in a series of posts on Autism and her journey with their sweet Emmett and I was almost in tears reading it. What a beautiful outlook on something that can be/is so scary to parents.

3) I posted the first of many installments of the How Do They Do It homeschooling blog series, the first of which was with Kendra from Catholic All Year. It was sooooo helpful for me to read and has literally revolutionized my days now that I realized I don't have to come up with 30,000 things to entertain the little ones. I am now resolved to let them entertain themselves, results are forthcoming. Also, just in case you were wondering, each home schooling genius I interview will have at least 2 questions that are different and some that are the same, so as to glean the most from this process. I am so incredibly thankful to these wonderful ladies for doing this- all of them, they are so generous.

4) Let's answer Kelly's featured questions, shall we?
 How many Seven Quick Takes posts have you written?  

Oh this could take a while, I'm off to count...........

It looks like 36 is the magic number. Wow, that's a lot of pointless rambling.

5) I have been scouring pinterest and googling with reckless abandon to find some very delicious, very low sugar, very high protein muffins (or bars?) that I can make and coax my girls to eat in the morning. We have always been a cereal-for-breakfast family, but I am thinking of making the switch to something more substantial and filling. Recommendations, please?!?! 

6) Can I just say that I am so grateful that it is still socially acceptable to wear giant over-sized sweaters with incredibly comfortable leggings? This very well may be my favorite thing about fall/winter.

The good folks at White Plum sent these over and I am in love:

They feel like buttah. No joke. So comf.
Outfit deats:
Giant sweater // Forever 21
Tunic under the sweater // TJ Max
Leggings // c/o White Plum
Shoes // ebay
7) And guess what?!? They're offering a coupon code to you lucky ducks! Just head over, pick out a pair (or 7) of these beauties and include the code TF20 for 20% off entire purchase until 10/13. I personally love these navy and paisley lovelies and every color of their slim high waisted numbers, which look like just what my trusty pooch needs. I would not put this recommendation out there if it were not totally true: these are the really fabulous and incredibly comfortable leggings.
Get at it!

And hit up Kelly for more link awesomeness!


  1. Anna - we will be twins! I am reviewing the same pair of leggings next week :)

  2. We've been eating a lot of oatmeal lately. Quaker makes parcooked steel-cut oats that cook in the microwave in 3 minutes, and sometimes I stir in some Sun Butter (our house is sadly a peanut free one) or butter butter and if I'm feeling ambitious, salt and pepper instead of brown sugar. The toddler and baby will eat it too. I tried making some banana based granola bars once and they were awful.

  3. Would you share the recipe when you find something outstanding? This mama-to-be is finding breakfast a struggle to include something sustainable with low sugar. Thanks!!

  4. We have been eating a lot of oven-puffed pancakes lately. They're made with eggs, milk and flour and are nice and filling, plus no added sugar. Here's the link:

  5. oatmeal. every morning for my kids. my husband makes it because he is better at it & gets up SUPREMELY early for work. He just leaves it out for them and they each grab a bowl while I'm still in bed! This, too, can be you. I think oatmeal is super filling, but if you wanted to add an easy protein, chia seeds would work well, or some type of nut butter. A smoothie I've been making for myself is super yummy & keeps me full all morning is: 2 cups almond milk, 5 dates, 2 tbsp nut butter (I use peanut), some pumpkin pie spice (can be omitted), 1 frozen banana, 2 tbsp cocoa powder (though I do just 1 & then 1 tbsp of carob powder), it's suuuper yummy, and sweet enough with the dates & banana!

    love the homeschooling series! can't wait to read more.

  6. 2 cups whole milk + 1.5 cups trader joes gluten free rolled oats cooked over low simmer until thickened (about ten mins) topped with a slab of butter and healthily drenched in maple syrup - my (very picky) kids have never said no. OR chia seed pudding with fruit which is my favorite favorite favorite. I posted a recipe on insta a couple weeks back.
    You look SO cute, by the by.

  7. Two eggs, a banana and 1/4 cup of peanut butter (give or take) mixed together. Drop on a hot skillet and you have some protein packed “pancakes” that fool my kids every time. I drizzle a little honey on top and give them a side of berries. Double the recipe if necessary! Most times it is necessary when feeding three kiddos (in your case, four)!