Monday, May 2, 2016

You say it best...

I know that old country song is intended to be romantic but ever since Alison Krauss covered it in the early aughts, I always took her sentiment to be more of a "just please stop talking and everybody will be happier" one, which consequently makes that song funnier to me than it's supposed to be.

I didn't intend to abandon the blog over the past month, but life circumstances have made it so that whenever I open a "new post" in blogger I end up half way through a post that I think everybody would be better off not having read. Whether it's the age-old adage "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all" or Alison Krauss's advice to say it best by saying nothing, both come to mind when I think of why I'm just not blogging right now.

Things are crazy.
They are crazy for everybody, I know.
And in the grand scheme of things, I know, I know, they are crazy because I am crazy blessed.
Por ejemplo:
- new baby coming
- 4 already born wonderful, albeit LOUD, children

- new job (for Mike) beginning end of summer
- prospect of a new home
- prospect of selling our home
- a move to a wonderful place full of wonderful people...

Blessings! All of them! I know!

And that is the reason for the blog silence, because I do not want to communicate to the masses my adolescent-style ingratitude, which is real, and unfortunate, and exists because I'm a baby, a big big baby. Who doesn't want to be selling and buying and moving right now but who would rather set up a temporary camp located on my bed where I have localized kitchen and bathroom access without moving from under my down comforter.

There I said it: I'm large and pregnant and exhausted and having a really hard time looking at all the tremendous blessings I am currently being given as blessings. However, that doesn't need to be inflicted on others in the form of whiny, complainy blog rants. I'll just stick with this one.

I know there are so many others dealing with real, legit difficulties and hardships the likes of which I have never faced. Judging by my inability to deal with tiny things-- like showing our house and the people not buying it, or putting an offer down on a home but having the owners go with the competing offer-- in any way other than pathetic ugly crying, it is a good thing God doesn't have those sufferings in mind for us right now.

I blame being pregnant for all of my reactions to life's hurdles bearing a striking resemblance to that of my 3-year-old's when Joe's takes her toy. Lest you think an adult tantrum can't rival a toddlers in intensity and duration, know that it indeed can.

I kid. Mostly.

But in reality I would probably be dealing with them exactly the same way whether I was pregnant or not, because I need more gratitude and I need to rely more on grace. So I'll work on that, but until then the blog may remain a place of silence until I can find something to say to you other than "life is so hard right now, wha wha wha!!"

In the mean time, send prayers and alcohol!


  1. Hi Ana, Things slow down for us a bit in May, work-wise. So if you need a hand, or someone to watch your kiddos play in the backyard whilst you take a nap or rapid-clean your house for a showing, just give us a holler!

  2. Praying for you Ana! Of course it makes it harder that you're pregnant! Lots of deep breaths and "this too shall pass" and you will make it through...and someday you might even laugh about it. :)

  3. So very right there with you!! Under the covers in bed while others do the packing and cooking and cleaning and childcare and moving and rubbing of my feet & back sound lovely. Forever. Ok, maybe not forever, but kind of?

    Total radio silence for me too...don't even feel like updates are a good idea. "Today I ate my weight in ice cream, and had to pack 10 boxes even though I'm on 'rest' and the kids make me want to drink...and I secretly resent my husband even though he is doing every last thing in and out of the house because I am large as a barge." None of that sounds like anything anyone really needs to hear. ;)

    Hope you are feeling better, that the move goes better than expected, and that we can start to feel a little more of the blessed and a little less of the bloated and huge soon!!!

  4. Oh no Ana!! Prayers!!! "Little" crosses ,even circumstantial ones, are real crosses, hard and totally able to sanctify, so yay, but also ouch and totally complain worthy at moments

  5. Oh no Ana!! Prayers!!! "Little" crosses ,even circumstantial ones, are real crosses, hard and totally able to sanctify, so yay, but also ouch and totally complain worthy at moments

  6. Adult tantrums are totally real things... Trying to work on mine All. The. Time.
    {hugs} and prayers for the houses and babies (and pregnancy)
    ~Ruth Anne

  7. Ugh. That is rough! I'm sure I'd be exactly the same way if I were in your position. I've never had to move while pregnant but I pretty much feel and act awful for the whole 9 months anyway! But seriously, hang in there, sending wine...

  8. So I am your life twin; we just finished moving (6 hour drive relocation), our number 5 is 27 weeks along, and home schooling, husbands new job...all of it. Only difference is that we rented where we moved from and moved into a rental house for (we think?) 12-18 months. If I blogged, I'd probably put a virtual muzzle on myself right now, mostly because the adorable house we are renting turns out to have mice. And I don't handle rodents well. So, mostly solidarity and many prayers!

  9. I ALWAYS love hearing what's going on for you--no complaint is too much!! We're mommy bloggers. It's what we do. ;)

  10. I am due on your exact due date with a boy--for us, #9. I've been waiting and waiting for you to post because it IS hard being pregnant, mom, home schooling, and then all that life throws at you. I love your humor and I think you're clinging to grace quite well!:) Hang in there--and go ahead and share on-line if you are able: you encourage the rest of us!

  11. You can do it! Have a nap, and make someone else carry boxes for you.

  12. Prayers! And alcohol, yes! We were pregnant with Trip this time last year and Bill was traveling during the week for work and I sold our house for sale by owner and then we started a huge renovation... phew! not that that's encouraging or on the same level as you guys but I know you'll get through it (and maybe never do it all at the same time again after all is said and done ha!) :). Cheers to being a rock star mama!

  13. What I mean is, for your mental health he really needs to back off and give you a break from the babymaking.

    1. The main reason for this blog-was having to do with the difficulty of selling and buying a home, our children are the greatest blessing of our marriage and are worth every ounce of work. Each and every child we've been blessed with has been whole heartedly desired by ME first, not that that's any of your business, but neither was making this entirely tactless and rude comment.

    2. But I guess it feels ok to post whatever BS you feel like pertaining to someone else's personal life when you're too much of a coward to post with a public profile.