Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bad Pictures, Great Trip

What say we attempt one more post in the year 2016? Hit it.

The last time we went back to our home town to visit family was actually a stop-over during our move from South Bend to Virginia. I was 3.5 weeks postpartum, moving my new family of 7 across multiple states and dealing with a newborn who screamed every waking hour. I don't think that counted as a visit.

The time before that was my multi-week trip away from Mike so he could prep our house for sale and during which time we went house hunting. I was greatly pregnant, watching 4 kids solo for a good bit of the time and super-stressed over the pending sale and move. I don't really think that time counted either.

This trip back was one of the most highly anticipated of my life. Some of my family had never met Freddie, and we hadn't been back for normal visit since last Christmas, and the crazy stress of the last 6 months was making me pine for home and comfort like never before. All my expectations were met and then some.

My beloved sister-in-law, who we now live 5 minutes away from, is due with baby numero 3 TOMORROW, so we opted for an earlier trip where we could be back here in town to excitedly await our sweet new nephew's arrival and be here to help out when it happens.

My mom and amazing sister baked all sorts and kinds of cookies with the kids. I got to see my sisters and sister-in-law and the cousins got to romp and play to their hearts' delights.

These are the 4 boys (one Gemma missing) who were born in 2014:

These are the 4 babies born in 2016:
Common Fred.

So much life, so much love, so much noise. So worth it.

And I am still seriously kicking myself for getting next to no pictures at all with Mikes family, but I'm going to go ahead and count that as proof of the really wonderful time we had, since I was obviously more focused on enjoying each moment been trying so hard to take pictures of everything (or making sure Joseph didn't break all the breakable things at both of our parents' houses).

Also, I'm clearly failed photographer.

We did however manage to get a family Christmas photo at Mike's house, which I posted on Instagram but I cannot resist the urge to post a collage of outtakes, because Joseph.

And we also got a few Christmas morning pics at Mike's house of the crazy excited chillins.
A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

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