Friday, March 3, 2017

oh the difference some grey makes

Howzabout another sub par home decor post? It's been 2 whole posts since my last! Sheesh. I'll make up for it now.

This week's energies were focused on the most lived-in room of the house, with the exception of the toy landfill in the basement, which is where I throw the kids roughly 77 times a day so that I can rock back and fourth in a corner read peacefully in a corner. Our school room is also in the basement so we do spend quite a bit of time down there but the other room that sees the most use and is enjoyed most when we have company is the giant living room right off the kitchen.

I feel like "open concept spaces" are a tad overly sought after and when we were looking for homes that was not even on my list of wants because I like to do the opposite of what is trendy, and I also love me old homes with lots of partitioned rooms. However, it turns out that this area of the house has been the best. Thing. Ever. And I can totally understand why people are all about open living and kitchen spaces. This is what the room looked like for most of last semester (wife of a college professor will forever measure life in semesters, sorry):

Old super duper cheap Craig's List green microfiber couches which we've sported in our living room for the last 6 years. They were good to us.

Then a few months ago we scored this nice brown leather set on good old CL and I love them- comfy and in great condition, but dark. The only rug we've had in this rather giant room was this little 5x7 which was also very dark and after I painted the mirror such a dark brown I was pretty much done with dark. While perusing Overstock's stellar rug collection I was mostly drawn to blues and greys and in the end this is what I went for.

I was hooked on it as soon as I put it down- I loved how it brightened the room but there was still one more piece to this room's puzzle that was the most important in my opinion- those awful, awful sheer green curtains.

I have been whining like a baby to Mike about them basically since we moved here and finally, FINALLY!

On my weekly grocery trips I always stop into Walmart for any items I can't get at Aldi, and most of the time I take a little pause at their clearance fabric section, just for fun. Several weeks ago, after I was thinking of blues and greys in the living room, I saw this one but since the sale price was still $7/yard I didn't do anything about it. Instead of wasting precious finger energy typing it over again, here's my Instagram screen shot of my fabric excitement:
There you have it-- somehow managed to snag it for $1.50/yard and spent the entire week being awesome at neglecting my children and frantically sewing these which I paired with Walmart's cheapest curtain rods and voila:

Also this was the one room that I couldn't do anything with the brass light fixture because it's a ceiling fan and a ceiling fan that works really well so we weren't interested in changing it out, but I've decided to embrace it in this room and add some extra brass pops here and there that I like.

My parents came over the weekend and gifted me with this lamp from a local antique shop that I am a tad obsessed with and which jives rather nicely with my other antique shop find, these little vases.

SO before!

Then with the dark couches:

And NOW!

The end!


  1. Way to go! That looks beautiful!!! I have enjoyed decorating our first home the last couple of years and rugs were tough.. But after many trips to home goods and scanning, Homegood came through!

    also I am impressed you homeschool in the basement.. We have an area where we could do it but I get so down without natural light that we homeschool upstairs.. in the Kitchen.. Makes things messier.. Maybe I should rethink this.

    1. I love to infinity that the school mess is in the basement, plus we have a big toy room right off the school room where I can trap the younger ones- it's definitely super ideal.

  2. Wow! It's crazy how those things can really change your room. It looks great.

  3. The curtains make such a difference- way to haggle over the price!!

  4. I'm just in shock because not only did you haggle like a Mingo them??? I can scarcely make dinner. I dip my hat to you, milady. The room looks dreamy.

    1. I seem to recall some DIY floor installation going on your your new abode recently-- you rock it to, Jenny! Also, you're busy changing the world with your writing, so you just keep on keeping on!