Friday, March 24, 2017

{sqt} piñatas, my new child and more!

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1: Joe Pio's name day was Monday and sadly it being the feast of Saint Joseph did not make it any less of a MONDAY. It was so rough and Mike wasn't going to be home for dinner or bedtime and that prospect was basically killing me. Finally right before dinner, against every desire in my being, I threw together a cake and the lamest little Saint Joseph alter with and we prayed and sang and I am positive that Saint Joseph went ahead and saved the day.  It honestly felt like Saint Joe stepped in for Mike and maybe that sounds weird but it ended up being a lovely evening and not because of anything  I did. He is the best.

{Hunchback} Saint Joseph, pray for us.

2:  Naomi turned 8 yesterday-- I almost blogged a super sappy post but I spared the masses, suffice it to say my inner emotions were high. The main thing she'd been begging for was a pinata, but my inability to pay $ for certain things is an issue. Don't get me wrong, I can spend with the best of them: new jeans? I'll spend. New house plant (that's for later): I'll spend. More spray paint? I. will. spend. But I literally could not bring myself to fork over anything for one. I mean-- really-- $15 (And that's without the candy?!) for a thing that you are buying with the sole intention of completely destroying? No. I couldn't. This fact coupled with my insatiable desire to use a glue gun whenever and wherever I can made the thought of fashioning my own gaudy, breakable, candy receptacle pretty exciting.

The setup.

On the oven, nothing could possibly go wrong here. I just used a cardboard box to hold the candy, wrapped in in some birthday wrapping  paper, made some cones out of card stock and wrapped them as well and went crazy with the glue gun+tissue paper+purple ribbons. I had so much fun and while it did not turn out like any of the ones in the party aisle, the kids absolutely loved it, and I am fairly certain that's all the matters. Mercifully nothing caught on fire atop the oven either. And voila.

The 8th birthday was a complete success and now my kids finally have even ages: 8, 6, 4, 2 and 9 months which throws it off, but still those first 4 make my heart sing.

3: I know you've all been waiting with baited breath to hear an update on my big indoor or outdoor plant decision (please hear the thick sarcasm there), so without further adieu I want you to meet Denis:

Mike named him and I have no idea why he chose it, but I know better than to question the House Namer of Inanimate objects. He has spoken.

4: I walked into a local grocery store with the 3 youngest kids to grab some bananas and saw this beauty and I knew it was meant  to be. So we walked through the store and got bananas and previously promised free cookies and then to grab Denis. I had to move Lucy from her front seat cart position (she always insists on it even though she is giant) and replaced her with the plant (which completely obstructed my view and I am lucky I made it to the register and then out to the car) and in a way this was symbolic because he really is the newest family member and I do love him so. I am straight-up turning into a plant lady. Slowly but surely.

5: The previous owners left a whole host of various planters around the house and I have chosen this one from the front of the house because it is big enough to house Denis's large footprint (sorry, Denis).

6: Now I get to do some more spray painting tomorrow, which is my all time fave weekend activity so it should be a good one. What's you're weekend plan? More fun than spray painting old plant pots? Doubt it. Do tell!!!

7: Like the rest of the female constituent in the entire world I have been hunting for an Easter dress and while I am really taken with this number from Old Navy, I am thinking about trying to duplicate this little number from middle school:

WITH the bangs, of course.
Let me know if you see anything like it.

Happy weekending!

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  1. Those easter dress are the And I totally had ones that were on par! Oh the 90s... Such a good time for fashion... :) Also your title made me think you were doing a pregnancy announcement!