Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday Fiesta

Linking up with Kelly! Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

I polled Instagram the other day to make a final decision on summer swim wear and I am now going to have to try to NOT use Instagram polling as a general life-decision-making method because it was so very helpful. 
I went with the fringe.

I've recently started to try to get into reading some T.S. Elliot and Hemingway, partly because I am not a well-read person and I'm attempting to remedy this and partly because (let's be honest) it feels cool to say "I just read Hemingway's/Elliot's...(fill in the blank) ..." Also we watched Midnight in Paris recently sooo.

But seriously I did enjoy Murder in the Cathedral and this short story was good, but also v v sad. I am super into The Catholic Table right now and feel a full review coming on because I really think everybody should read it. 

Mike and I watched the movie Silence during Holy Week and while I wouldn't recommend watching it more than once, I would definitely say it is worth one watch. It's extremely heavy and stays with you for a few days, but it is a catalyst for good thought and good conversation. And because we like to mix things up we watched American Hustle last weekend -- all I came away with is that Christian Bale is the very best actor in the world, or at least one of my all-time favs.

One of the girls asked the other day "when I learned to cook" and I had to laugh out loud because, um, I haven't. Seriously, I am the lamest when it comes to creative, fun meal planning and I generally stick to the same weekly staples (meat+side+veggie, every, single, meal). I have, however, had to mix it up recently because (she says in the hush-est hushed tone) I cut out gluten a few months ago and I am trying to cook without expensive manufactured, gluten-free goods and just with naturally GF foods (potatoes!! all the potatoes!!). Anyways, I have never made risotto before but I am busting out of my shell this weekend for this recipe (thank you, Emily!). Also I have made and loved these chocolate muffins (dairy and GF), and actually the whole family loves them.

I am the biggest idiot in the world and decided to workout the last 2 days without my shoes on (because of the absurd amount of time it takes to apply footwear) and now I have to limp up and down the stairs. I will be sticking to strictly upper body for a while, I think. Also if you were wondering whether high knees sans shoes are a good idea-- they. are. not.

-Home's Cool-
I taught Naomi and  Bernadette to read using this program that Mike's mom used for all of her children, and while it has yielded some really great fruit (they are both reading really well), it has been at the price of much of my sanity and many grey hairs. The program works, however it is not user friendly, but I felt like I had to use it because it worked so well with Naomi, (I tried 100 Easy Lessons and loathed it). But FINALLY!! I started The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading with Lucy a few weeks ago and I am in love. I never thought I could enjoy teaching a child to read, so I am considering this straight-up miraculous, and this matchy pic of me and Fred adequately captures my excitement.


Because why not?


  1. Welcome to the GF world.. most importantly is finding a good GF Pancake mix or recipe! At least in our house!

  2. So far liking 100 Easy Lessons with my oldest but I can already see how this might not work well with my second's personality type.

    I totally voted by a different suit but I thought all of them were very cute!

  3. LOVED Ordinary Parent's Guide! Used it with all mine.

  4. We LOVE Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading!! Good for you. It is awesome, all the way through.

  5. You can delete this comment, and in fact I'm wondering if I should try to send you a personal message,but I strongly feel that the pink fringe bathingsuit looks to be much more like lingerie than swimwear. I would personally never feel confident wearing that one in public! :-0

  6. Are you able to breastfeed in any of those suits? Trying to find some modest suits I can feed the baby in that don't make me look like a grandmother 😉

  7. Well I'd be cool with just pulling the top down for any of them, but I'm at that sweet spot where Freddie is 1 and I'm not needing to plan around nursing since he's eating so much other food. Still I think you could make any of these work.