Friday, July 14, 2017

The Evolution of a 30 Second Makeup Routine

Linking up with Kelly for a post that is eerily similar to my very favorite go-to drug store/makeup-aisle-at-Walmart-picks post that I posted back in 2013 (you read that right, 4 years ago). I have not really deviated much from my very favorites, but I have added a few, and now I am just echoing myself and giving 2013 Ana a virtual high five for picking what she likes and sticking with it. Also to be clear these are very budget friendly favorites, so they may not be up your alley with the "all natural ingredient" arena, please don't throw the first stone.

Without further ado, my 7 make-up bag favorites, which are incidentally the only 7 things in my makeup bag, and which take a FLAT 30 seconds to apply, because I am always and forever in a rush.

Voluminous Mascara by L'Oreal
If I had to chose one makeup item to have and no others for the rest of my life mascara would absolutely be it. I am no mascara expert but I have tried my fair share of drug store mascaras and I will never EVER try another- Voluminous is where it's at.

When I was in middle school and high school I struggled with terrible acne, I used every product I could to get rid of it and I had to be super careful about what makeups I would wear. In middle school I had this liquid nitrogen procedure done which helped immensely with the very severe breakouts and saved me from have too much scaring now, but I always had to be really careful about what makeup I wore in order for it to stay under control. This is the very first pressed powder foundation that I ever tried that has terrific coverage and does not cause breakouts. This post is NOT sponsored by Neutrogena, I just love this stuff so much. I used to exclusively use the pressed powder, but I am on a mineral sheers kick right now and I love how light it is + good coverage.

Chunky brush + bronzer
I have cycled through many a bronzer in my life and and I can honestly say that this extremely cheap Elf one is just as good as an expensive Este Lauder one I am using right now. I mostly just want some sparkles and glow and this stuff delivers.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Pencil
I only add a little eye liner on days when I am looking extra sleepy, or if I have somewhere extra special to be. Ever since Mike and I binge-watched quite a bit of Fixer-Upper, I was inspired by JoJo to give eye liner another try (that was my coping mechanism for not having any cash flow to renovate our house- but hey! I can afford eye liner!). I really like how smooth this stuff is- it goes on like buttah-- like BUTTAH!

Elf Eye Shadow
Again with Elf products-- they are so cheap! And when you use eye shadow as infrequently as I do I feel like it doesn't make sense to spend too much on it, (though I am sure you could make the opposite case too) But I just don't care enough about eye shadow to buy really nice stuff, I use it when I am going on a date or to Mass or maybe even for a mom's night out, but I am usually super rushed and don't get around to it, AND since I am a round the clock glasses wearer you don't even notice when I have it on because you look at me and are like GLASSES, so again, no point in getting the pricey stuff.

Lip Scrub
I purchased a Day Logic brand which is ONLY available at Rite Aid, but the point is that this is the first time I have ever used a lip exfoliant and I really love it (if you're at Rite Aid, I would definitely recommend their brand.) I definitely do not do this every day, it's just a special occasion-type thing like eye shadow, or when my lips are feeling especially rough.
Neutrogena Revitalizing Lib Balm
This is the first lip balm + color that I love like I love this stuff. I have used Burt's Bees before and never liked how it left my lips feeling but this stuff leaves them soft and moist and the tint is pretty perfect. I have it in "healthy blush" and I love it but I would love to try some others at some point.

Aaaaand, a before+after for kicks:
That's that!


  1. I LOVE before and afters!!! I also have the fastest makeup routine known to man these days... (I am still using the same eyeshadow that I had in HIGH SCHOOL! And I'm with you If I can't do it in a minute it just doesn't get done!!!

  2. All hail L'Oreal Voluminous!! I've been using it for 10 years with zero plans to move on! ���� PS, thanks for all of the other recs!! This day and age, I really appreciate an unsponsored list of favorites!!

  3. You look gorgeous! Haha Plus you saved me from searching through your blog because I needed these recommendations. I definitely need this mascara. Love that it's all budget friendly too.

  4. I LOVE that mascara! I have it in the darkest color they make, and it's fabulous. I was devastated to find that one of my kids had used my new-ish one to paint my bathroom and then dip the brush in dog hair. Sadness. But I'm always on the lookout for new products, and I'm a die hard fan of ELF. They have the most amazing brushes ever. So soft! I'm going to try that pressed powder though. I break out on my face too, and I've been needing something that's not cakey. You look gorgeous, by the way!