Sunday, July 30, 2017

Three for Joe

Today this little buddy turns 3. Right now he is napping and taking a short break from playing with his new pop gun and I should be making the icing for his cake but I'd rather take a few minutes to document his awesomeness, because there is so much to document.

I was telling Mike last week how I know moms don't have "favorites" per se, but that for me there is often a particular child who is going through the most fun, sweet phase and I can't help but favor them a tad- that is Joe right now. It's not that he doesn't have his rough moments-- like the other day when he sneeked into the bathroom to empty a bottle of kid's IB profen all over the floor, or when we were on vacation and he slathered an entire bottle of sunscreen on himself-- there are plenty of those moments. But I've never had a kid apologize for such mischief with the sincerity that he apologizes with.

And when he is being GOOD he is a total balm to my weary mother-soul. Sometimes he'll look at me and tell me "mommy, you're so cute to me" and over-hearing his pretend play is the absolutely best. He has the most fun imagination. He is not shy and is a total ham. He asks to listen to Istanbul on a weekly basis and saw a little bridge on campus today and declared "oh look! Dares a bwidge over twoubled waters!"

He has been telling everybody for the last 2 months "my birf-day is coming Juwy Firtee-if". When Freddie had his 1st last month it was really hard for Joe to process that it wasn't his yet, and the other day when I told him that his birthday was going to be this Sunday he let me know that "Freddie's birf-day is going to lose dis time", so no competitive problems whatsoever. He has these 2 crazy veins on each side of his neck that pop out when he super excited or super mad or super happy and they are basically always popping out because he is INTENSE. He goes big or he goes home in the emotion department.

Overall I feel like he is a little bit like a first born for me since I had three of one gender before him and so everything is so new and I'm experiencing a lot for the first time. Having a little boy is just so darn fun and having HIM as my little boy is almost too fun.

He is the life of the party and has been a blast all day.
We celebrated with specifically requested "chocolate muffins and cinnamon rolls" for breakfast and PURPLE BALLOONS-- had to be purple. 

We'll continue to ride the sugar train with my crazy boxed cake-in ice cream cone assembly and a pizza party with family and it should be lovely. Nothing but the best for our sweet boy. 

Happy 3rd, Joe-- we love you!!


  1. I totally agree that 1 child might be going through a cute stage! Our Linus is so sweet right now. Little boys are just cute!

  2. Love me those little boys!! #boymom

  3. Ana, this just made me grin from ear to ear!