Friday, September 1, 2017

5 ways I self care {even though I don't care}

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1) First and foremost, I read this post a few days ago by Jenny (you've probably all read it) about self care as moms and I was nodding my head in strong agreement the entire time. Absolute agreement over her principles behind self care as moms, and finding what we need for us to feel filled, happier, and more relaxed so that we can be better wives and mothers and women in general. So good, read it!!

2) I had to laugh a little though because my "things" that I need in the self care department are so radically different than hers, which is great! We are all different and in different places with different temperaments and I am pretty sure that if Jenny and I lived in the same town we would be BFFs, she would probably teach me a thing or 2 about doing self care well. The thing is that when it comes to any self care in the realm of bodily relaxation or beauty regiments, I just... don't care? Yes, that's it, I don't care. My last hair cut was almost a year ago and I have no plans to get another for probably 6 months or more. I have plucked my eyebrows in an embarrassingly long time. I don't like pedicures or manicures, and the thought of a massage actually creeps me out too much to ever actually do it. I am so flippin weird. I have had to really try hard to pin point the things that I do need daily to feel my best and then do them and without further ado, here they are!

(1): Early to bed, early to rise
This is a new one that I am currently working really hard on, it requires more self discipline than I have and I don't like doing it, but it is so good for me and everyone in the house so I am trying harder than ever. Going to bed early is a no brainer, but getting up early is rough some days, especially because Fred is still up at night (absurd, I know), so some mornings I have to let myself sleep. But if I can have 45 minutes to an hour before the kids wake up to pray, get ready for the day and maybe even write a little I am filled. Exhausted, but filled.

(2): Hair and makeup
I know I have gone on about this before, so I won't say much but if I can fix my hair and put on makeup before we get to any school work, I feel like a real live person. I am saying this on a day where my hair is still scraggly from bed and no makeup is on, but I am dressed and have earrings on so that is something. Ok by the time I posted this I had the hair and makeup done, behold my Blue Steel:
Or is Magnum?

(3): Exercise
This is another one that I don't like a lot of days, but that if I make myself get to it I am a better person. Many of my self care items are things I can do for free because we're just not in a position for me to be shelling out $$$ to a gym, so I stick with workout DVDs that I have had for years. I just discovered that I can pound out a Jillian workout in 10 minutes less time if I just pick my favorite exercises and use my phone timer instead of following her and waiting for her to finish her stupid little motivational interludes, it's really great.

(4): Daily shower
I remember being shocked years ago when I heard moms saying at a play date that they didn't shower everyday, not that this is actually a shocking thing AT ALL, it is totally fine! But I am so thoroughly obsessed with showering every day and when I don't my crankiness levels hit the roof, so I just make sure it happens. Also it's free, so win!! I typically go with an evening shower after the kids are down, but sometimes I just trap them all in the basement with the baby gate and sprint upstairs for a quick 2 minute shower, and it is always worth whatever amount of screaming is going on when I come back down. Always.

(5): Time to myself each week
This usually takes the form of running out to some thrift stores on the weekend, these days it's been a Sunday thing since that is when Mike is home and not working and Goodwill has $0.99 clothing Sundays. I used to have a sitter come once a week for 3 hours in the middle of the week so I could grocery shop and thrift shop and get coffee and read and oh how I miss those sitter days-- I am thinking it is time to resurrect them post haste. But! a must is finding a sitter to cleans up after herself and the kids by the time you get back, because I have had times where I felt more stressed than when I left because of the mess I came home to, just a note for future Ana. 

And that is that. Self care when you don't care. How do you self care? Do you care?

Also, a bonus!! My friend Cassie from college days is an Arbonne consultant and was sweet enough to send me some treats to try and tell people about and I am hosting an Instagram giveaway for $50 from her Arbonne shop! I am definitely not in the financial position to hit up Arbonne with frequency (hence my drugstore favorites) but I will say that the few things I tried from her were really wonderful (especially the fizz sticks!!)

If you are in a place to enjoy some nicer beauty items I would definitely recommend them!


  1. Um, yes to the daily showers! I need to shower and get dressed every day to feel like a functioning human being. I used to wonder if I was being neurotic and/ or neglectful of my girls because it seemed like that wasn't something moms were supposed to do, but Jenny's post gave such great perspective.

  2. Normally my self care involved a work out.. preferable a run.. but current pregnancy has my current status more in sync with a beached whale. But I've been trying to read really enjoyable books in interrupted even if it means screen time for my people.

  3. I am with you. Everyday shower is a MUST, no matter the cost to my children. (ie fighting, crying, etc.)
    I am so desperate for self care, I feel like anything you or Jenny listed would make me happy. Ha!
    Mainly right now I am aiming for: early bedtime and time spent doing whatever I want while the baby naps. It's keeping me sane.
    You're welcome, family.

  4. I tried to do exercise dvds at home and realized the only reason I was any good at Pilates was that I was desperately trying not to look like a loser in front of all the other women at the gym. If I'm alone I can't do them because there's no one to impress. I'm not sure what that says about me...actually I am :) Now self care is looking more like long brisk-ish walks with all the kids :)

  5. Definitely never miss my daily showers. I can probably count on one hand the times I've missed a shower in my life lol!

  6. I had the exact same reaction to the showering comments I got before I became a mom. I will never ever ever give them up. Between a daily shower and coffee I will always pick shower as the way to make me function in the morning...and that doesn't explain how much I do really love/rely on coffee. Showers every day for life!