Monday, March 12, 2018

Nighty Night

Since relocating to this little town I have had a rather hard time abiding by the speed parameters set for those operating motor vehicles. If you are driving anywhere in town the speed limit is 25 mph, and when I am actually following it I have to restrain myself from anxious twitching and it may or may not be the case that I have been reprimanded by the local law enforcement twice since moving here, once in the form of a warning and once with a full-on ticket.

Last week at the park one of my offspring announced very disproportionately proudly that "mommy got pulled over on the way here! She was going (I will not name the speed) miles an hour!! She's going to have to pay ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!" To all the other park goers and I was only mildly mortified.

The silver lining in all this, and the way in which is relates to this blog post and my latest little DIY project is coming.


There is a thrift store that always has all sorts and kinds of cheapo furniture displayed outside in front of it's building, and when I was previously playing Vin Diesel and speeding passed I couldn't adequately scope it out in any sort of a safe way, but now thanks to that ticket I am appropriately scared slow and crawl through town at a turtle's pace with the rest of the inhabitants, which makes it totally possible to glance at that thrift store's offerings, and on Saturday I spotted these 2 matching end tables:

Terribly ugly, but match-y! It just so happened that "matching night stands" had been on my "to get at thrift store" list for some time because Mike and I are in the process of becoming real adults and having a real live adult master bedroom (as opposed to the bachelor pad-looking room we've been sporting for close to 10 years). So I hopped over to the thrift store as soon as I could and snagged them for a whopping $2.70 a pop.

I already had grey paint from my mantle painting adventures so I slapped it on and within 24 hours had my very first night stand since becoming Mrs. Michael Hahn.

Dreams do come true.
I will refrain from showcasing Mike's because it has nothing on it but a very boring looking academic book, no sweet frames from sweet friends and fake candles or anything.

Ok fine, here's his with his boring book, I have to prove to you that I did actually paint both.
His is missing the edge of one of the sides on the bottom, which explains the cheapness factor, but it's good because we're really not that ready to be grownups, yet.

In the end we got fixed up with matching night stands for less than 7 bones and I think even my girl Sheena would high five me here for this steal of a deal.

Sleep tight, my friends!


  1. Nice! You really knocked that out fast!

  2. Those nightstands are awesome!!! And solidarity on the twitching whilst driving 25 mph... one of the things I miss about Texas.. their speed limits seem higher!

  3. The city speed limits near us are also all 25, and one of the school zones turns to 15 twice a day. 15!!! I have such a good argument planned for the day I meet whoever voted that in. It is completely unbearable to drive through and I think if I got out and pushed our van it would be about the same speed.
    Anyway, the tables look great and I can't believe how cheap!