Wednesday, May 6, 2015

summer skirt DIY

Time to commence a list of reasons I am grateful for my kids being sick (just fevers, no throw up):

1) Guilt-free, non-stop TV watching
2) A day of no home schooling (aka me utterly losing my mind)
3) An occasion to get to a small sewing project that I was previously not able to stop thinking about.

I'm a selfish B, I know.

I don't even know why I was so excited about doing this sewing project, but who knows what goes on in my brain. I am a little obsessed with floral prints right now and am really wishing that my Grandma Erma would have left me all of her old flowery "house dresses" (mumus) because I would have had a ball sewing them into wearable items. Or pillow cases. Or drapes. Anything with flowers- anywhere, anytime.

My bestie Sarah gave me this little shirt-dress (from Hannah- thank you, Hannah!!), which was a little too low cut for me to justify without another tank top underneath, and I am just not a fan of profuse sweating so that many layers in Midwest humidity was a no-go. But the flowers! And the birds!! I was determined to wear it some how.

Then it came to me like a Divine revelation: "Thou shall cut the bottom half off and find some stretchy material for a waistband, sew it together and thou shall have a skirt."

Too sacrilegious? Yes.


Then I found some old sweatpants from Target whose waistband was torn and through which you could see my skin color (because grey sweatpants wasn't bad enough, they were see through) and decided that they had seen their last days as pants.

And on I went.

I cut the bottom half of the shirt dress off, cut up one of the legs of the sweat pants and sewed it into a waist band.

Then I pinned the bottom half of the floral shirt dress to the waistband in a very haphazard and wrinkled way so that it would be all bunched after I sewed it.

Then applied to my person and folded the waist band down once because it was a rather big waist band. Badabing:


It worked! (My self-time skills are another story, I am working on it.)
And I will wear it forevermore.


  1. genius!!! and you look so stunning in these photos! Your self-timer skills are SO much better than mine!

  2. Girl, you're amazing! I love this so, so, so much.

  3. It's darling! You are so skilled. I bought some gorgeous fabric to make a skirt for this party coming up this summer, and now I'm too afraid to touch it. Will you help me, dear Ana?

    1. Absolutely! It gives us an excuse to hang out too :)

  4. LOVE this! And just wish I could badabing badaboom my baby fat away. Then this would look amazing on me....

  5. Love it! It looks great and comfy too! Hope your kids feel better soon...or at least not for another day so you can make something else. ;)

  6. Get it girl!! So awesome and you look so cute in it!! Projects like these are the best!!

  7. Not too shabby, ma'am! I love it!

  8. Adorable! Love the idea AND the floral pattern.

  9. Ok this is super cute!! I don't think you can find stuff this nice in stores! Too bad I don't have that sewing gene.

  10. This is so good! And you look amazing - thin and happy and healthy :)

  11. what a cute skirt! great idea & nice job!

  12. SOOOO cute and creative! It looks great on you!

  13. LOVE the skirt (wish I could/wanted to sew). LOVE the fact that I'm not the only one grateful to no end for TV when we're all sick. :)

  14. Oh, that’s very clever! It even looked better than the original. I like how the skirt design matched the grey of the sweatpants. The end result is just decent and pretty, it actually looked like a dress to me. And kudos on you for finding creative ways to make things work for your style. Nice sewing and problem-solving skills! Thanks for sharing!

    Randy Weaver @ True Fashionistas Resale