Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Super Skinny Mocha

I don't know why I think that is a funny name for a coffee drink. I mean I think if I wanted to be "Super" skinny, I would not be spending a chunk of nap time making/drink/typing out recipe for my new delicious coffee drink, I would be grunting and sweating nap time away to the tune of Jillian Michaels.

Anyways, here is a little recipe I threw together for a low calorie, low/no sugar, high caffeine skinny mocha:

1) non-fat milk- about 6 oz, or more or less based on how big your coffee mug is
2) coffee- ideally espresso made in an espresso machine, but if your more ghetto like me just use regular coffee and make it double strength.
3) splenda- if you are of the more granola-ish brand you may choose to use natural sugar or even sugar in the raw, but I always prioritize weight management to actual health, whatev.
4) cocoa powder 1-2 teaspoons
4) a dash of cinnamon

If you have a milk steamer, steam your milk, or if you don't (I don't) just microwave it for about 1 1/2 minutes

If you're using an espresso machine, make your 1-2 shots of espresso based on the size coffee drink. I used my French press and put 4 scoops of coffee in it but only added about 1/2 cups worth of boiling water. Let it steep for 3 minutes (this is the appropriate time, I know this from my Barista training).
If you only have a coffee pot, just make about 1/2 of coffee but put at least 3 scoops of coffee in, if you're anxious as to whether there will be enough caffeine add as much as you need to ease that anxiety- this is my method.

Once your milk is hot, add cinnamon, splenda (of whatever sugar type you'll be using), and cocoa powder- stir vigorously :)
Add coffee, stir again and enjoy. Repeat.

Happy nap time!


  1. oh this looks awesome. definitely going to try next tomorrow during nap time.

    and I'm with you on the weight management vs actual health.


  2. I added a little vanilla.... (I had put in too much sweetner - will know better next time!!)