It is a an unfortunate fact that any person in the world can have a blog. It is a fact nonetheless and because of this you've found yourself here, I'm sorry about that.

For the inaugural post that pretty much explains why/where/and when I began this website, just go HERE.

Now for some introductions:

This is me and Mike, the man I've been married to for going on 9 years, in our younger, trimmer days. Mike and I met during early childhood and after many years of me crushing and then more months him chasing, we ended up dating and the rest is history. Read more about it HERE.

A short 9 months after getting married, we found ourselves parents of an ex-utero child:

And though she spent many of the earlier months of her life being called by various weird nicknames (slobber monkey, Nanny Hawkins, and the Nomes to name a few) we now call her by her given name, Naomi. Or most of the time "NAOMI THERESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". She has been prepared for adulthood since she was born and is constantly READY for the next fun thing. When she is not tying any string she can find in impossible to get out knots, she is coloring or cutting paper into insanely tiny pieces.

18 months later came Bernadette:

Bernadette Martha enhances our lives daily, is always good for some sort of theatrical production of the first grade variety, and is the very best snuggler I've met hands down. I have never seen an imagination like hers and have never met a little person as genuinely hilarious.

After one baby lost, we were blessed again with yet another small female who made a very grand entrance on the 15th of October 2012.

Lucy Josephine. Her hobbies include: asking for snacks, stealing things from her little brother and being the sweetest older sister to her smallest brother (she plays favorite a bit). She is constantly making up words and giving very confident definitions of them and I think she'll likely be smarter than me very soon.

And in July of 2014 we celebrated the surprisingly early (even for me!) arrival of baby Joseph Pio , the first of the male offspring in the Hahn home:

Joseph is throwing me for a major loop being the most quintessential 2-year-old-BOY ever, caps, bold and italics absolutely necessary. Most of his waking hours are spent with a gun as big as his body clutched under one arm begging for one of his wimpy female siblings to play. He climbs, he tackles, he runs and he cracks me up all day.

Fred Bernard joined the ranks in utero in 2015 and ex-utero the summer of 2016, just 3 weeks shy of  a huge move for our family.

He is the laziest member of the household by far and spends his days lounging in any of the various baby apparatuses we have around, although the exer-saucer is his apparatus of choice. He also loves nursing, smiling, and drooling into your mouth when you least expect it. Watch out.

I think that's all of them. For now.

I am a lover of honey roasted peanuts, I all-too-often binge eat frozen Reeses cups, I'm a little obsessed with seltzer water, I'm a boxed wine connoisseur, I am a profuse user of the word "super", I take great joy in throwing the first piece of trash into a freshly replaced trash bag, I hate the dentist and prefer for all of my Feedly items to be read at all times. 

This blog exists to help me stay sane during these years of feeling like I live under a pile of diapers and am swimming in a pool of soft toddler stool.

Welcome to the world of motherhood taken way too seriously.


  1. Swimming in a pool of soft toddler stool.

    Will you please stop being so entertaining so I can get some friggin' work done????

  2. how am I just now seeing this???

    just in a tizzy looking for WIWS ....

    anyway --- best about me page on the web.


  3. Oh my gosh I LOVE your girls' names! Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Lovely to stumble upon you, I have a Lucy too (and a Michael, James and Henry!) xo

  5. I love this page! I just celebrated my one year blog bday and have yet to write an about me - this sets a pretty high standard haha!
    So cute and funny!

  6. You had me at "swimming in a pool of soft toddler stool." Such is a mama's life, though I have been told that the poop stage will end someday. I'm doubtful.
    Me: no blog because I could never express myself as wittily and charmingly as Dwija, Cari, Heather or you; three Littles: the Junior Advisor is 7, the Court Jester is 5, the Princess is 3.9 years; we live with my husband's mother and sometimes we get along - husband and I both work full time, so the living arrangement is keeping us from living in a van down by the river. God is good! I am learning that His plans are eternal and mine are short term. I'm a very, very, very slow learner.
    Do you tweet? I want to hear more of you hilarity!

  7. I love, love, love your sense of humor! You're hilarious! Congrats on your lovely family!!! :-) Geez, next time I'm sad, I'll make sure to come to your blog to cheer up!

  8. Anna!!! How am I just now discovering this?!!! You and your family are beautiful. You are hilarious!!!

  9. I am a bit of a newcomer to your blog, and have had this nagging feeling that I needed to read more about you. I saw the name Hahn and got excited! We are a big Steubenville family (5 of 7 went there), and I knew your DH when he was much younger, as my sister, Celeste (Gregory) was his nanny while she was there!
    I am loving your blog!!! Thank you for being a beautiful example as well as super entertaining with all your children!

    1. Hi Fuzzy! Mike says hello! And thanks so much for reading and commenting, I really appreciate it!

  10. I was led to your blog by your father in law. I so enjoy people who can write with humor! We share a commonality: first three born were girls and the fourth was a boy... and so were #5,6,&7. I look forward to see if our shared experience continues ;-) God bless your life and marriage!

  11. Bahahah! Sorry, this intro is too much! So amazingly well said. Love!

  12. Really enjoying your blog! Looks like we're living parallel lives. We were married 7 years ago and now have 3 girls and 1 little man. :)

  13. I am such a fan of your blog!! lol you should do a post on the best boxed wines because my friends think it's super weird that I want to drink boxed wine.

  14. Dear Anna,

    I have made a Catholic radio show for children about the liturgical calendar: 'GG's Faith Explorer Treehouse'.
    I would love it if your children would listen to the show. I really hope they like it!


    God bless,

  15. Hello Anna, The Kloska family was recently wondering why we never see your beautiful family at Mass anymore. Then I was checking my blog stats and saw that I've received some traffic from this blog. So I tracked back and gave it a look and saw that it was you. Sorry that you had to leave town, but happy that you like the warmer weather. This is a really nice blog - you write well and it's full of warmth and goodness. I still don't see where you linked to my blog but I'm guessing that it was the Grotto photo because I've received almost 250,000 hits on that post. Of all the stuff I do and write the one blog post that goes viral had little to do with my efforts. Haha. I was telling Margy the other day that if you totalled all the students I've taught over the years, the public talks, retreats, etc. you might get 5 or 10 thousand people who have benefited. Then I spontaneously take one photo with my phone and post it on the internet and BAM! - more impact than the rest of my life combined x50! I guess that's how it should be. ;) God bless your family in the next leg of your journey and may you be blessed with people sitting behind you at Mass who enjoy your kids as much as we did. - Bobby Kloska

  16. Anna, you are HILARIOUS!!!!! blog more!!!
    When/if you ever visit Australia, we must meet for a cup of tea☺️

  17. Hey Ana,
    Your blog is spot-on! Love the mom-humor. I love it when moms can keep it real. I am the mother if 8 girls ages 12-7 months (pray for my husband! Lol). Our 4th daughter's name is Kimberly. I started to like that name after I read your MIL's book Life Giving Love and after 3 girls I finally convinced my husband to use the name. (That's another story I would be willing to tell at another time). Kimberly's middle name is Angelica after Mother Angelica and trust me she is just as fiesty as Mother as well. I am looking forward to following you on your journey. God Bless!