Saturday, December 10, 2011


Well, I have officially exposed myself and my hidden guilty pleasure: fashion blogs.
I know how much you all care about every minute detail of my life, so I will go into as much detail as I can.

I mostly look at fashion blogs at the end of really, really bad days (or at least that was the case at some point). It is a great way to zone out and think about as little as possible. After a rough days of chasing children, cleaning vomit or disgusting soiled pants, holding down flailing limbs whilst wiping another human being's bottom, etc... (I will spare you all the other random probably gross elements of motherhood)- after long days like this I just want something to do that requires little to NO energy- like eating candy. Fashion blogging is candy for the eyes. It is like window shopping without the walking. Great. Right?

Except there are some problems associated with this guilty pleasure, or else it would not make me feel guilty.

Off the bat, know that I AM NOT saying that these things are problems for YOU, just me. If you can relate with the problems then yes, perhaps they are also problems for you. But you are probably just a more temperate, well balanced and better person than me. Seriously.

First problem with perusing fashion blogs: It keeps my mind focused on the more temporal aspects of this life. As a mother, I really need to try to focus on the eternal things otherwise all of those little, really gross and annoying things (listed above) start to seem extremely pointless and even crushing day, after day, after day, after day.....

Second problem: It makes me want to shop. This is a very serious financial issue. I can always tell when I have been looking at fashion blogs a lot because all of the sudden we will be making extra trips to target's sale racks, the mall (for the "play place") and local thrift stores, it is not good. We do not have money for me to be shopping ESPECIALLY for the sorts of things I am looking at on these  blogs. I consider a $20 blouse to be expensive, and that is chump change compared to the prices on so many of the pieces I so desire. They are beautiful and I am sure they are really well made, but Mike is in school and therefore the only shopping I am really supposed to be doing is thrift store shopping, and even that can get expensive.

It keeps me wanting needing more- I am never content because styles are always changing and if you want to keep up, you cannot be content. For instance for about 2 months I was on a mission to find a mustard sweater and it pretty much consumed my every thought for many, many hours of many, many days- it was a problem. Then I went on a mission to find red pants, I took many trips to several stores, spent many minutes hours online drooling over as many pictures of trendy reds as I could.
I start to be super ill contended with my own clothing. I think of the current trends that I have just discovered, I look at my closet and it just does not  measure up, I need more. This is a bit of a problem, I think.

Fourth and final (I am sure there are more, but I will only list three before you start falling asleep):
They pretty much all make me want to be skinny so that cute clothes look cuter on me. Comparing myself to other beautiful, slim women is a struggle and it makes that struggle just a liiittle bit harder if I am looking at picture after picture of beautiful slim women.

Knowing all of these problems, you would think I would cut out fashion blogging all together EXCEPT that, while I have pin pointed several negatives, I have not mentioned any positives. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and put together- this is good. There is nothing wrong with even wanting to be stylish. There is even nothing wrong with shopping (in moderation) which is why I am trying to strike some sort of balance.

I really enjoy looking at blogs that are "in-betweenies"- where there is lots of other stuff, mommy related, home related, etc. mixed in with some fashion stuff. Grace's blog is a favorite, as well as Anna's.

Leave a comment with some good in-betweenies so that I can still look presentable without driving our family bankrupt or becoming a terrible person.

I hope I am not being preachy, I am really really trying not to be preachy.
Betty Draper signing off,


  1. Ana..I feel your pain. All of it. But I am a much worse person than you. My biggest weakness right now is online shopping...I won't even tell you the name of it to preserve you (unless you ask me), but it's basically like tmaxx ONLINE. And the biggest problem with this is that I have it on my phone and there's the ability to "one click buy!!!" Why do they do this to us?!?

  2. $20 is expensive for a blouse.. I am soo cheap too. Thrifting has ruined me for retail shopping.. except when gifts are concerned :) I'm glad you said what you about the in-betweenies. I have been leaning towards that but feel like it would feel too random otherwise. I guess you just have to blog about what you want to blog about and not focus on making it 'cohesive' and all that.

  3. oooh, how I relate to this topic. My husband is in medical school and I make not-enough bucks as a nanny. Soooo our clothing budget is pretty much at a zero. I think it's wise of you to take note of the spiritual effects that reading certain blogs has. I know for me, reading fashion blogs turns me into an envious, ill-satisfied monster and that's NOT who I want to be. I try to remember that (1) my faith in God is the most beautiful thing about me and that has nada to do with clothes (2) my husband thinks I'm pretty hot (I'm betting yours does, too) and there's really no one else's opinion I should care about (3) Smiling is sexy and free :)

  4. Ana, so I was reading Grace's blog, and followed her link over to your blog, and then I saw your link to my blog... LOL! Gotta love the blogosphere.

    I pretty much agree to a T on this post. I have whittled down to a few fashion blogs that I actually find helpful with re-purposing or shopping your own closet!

    I hit up my thrift store often which has totally changed my view of whats a good deal in the stores now. I allow myself to get a few fun trendy piece a month IF they are on sale;) Also, lucky to get lots of freebies through the blog. (The only reason I keep up with my awkward fashion posts;))

    So happy to find more like minded mama bloggers!

  5. Hopping over from Grace's blog links today. I'm backing off quite a bit from fashion blogging because of a lot of the reasons you listed. It started as a way to kick myself in the pants to get dressed after my second son was born because I felt like a frump and turned into this constant mind feed of, "IneednewpantsIshouldwearthatskirttomorrowIneedglitterinmywardrobe" instead of stuff that like...mattered.

    I think that, like so many other things, moderation is key. I'm shooting for one fashion based post a week. I'm cutting down the number of fashion blogs I read. And all of a sudden I'm feeling much more centered and content again.

    Wonderful put into words what had been floating around my brain box but I hadn't bothered to nail down.

  6. yep. i "fashion blogged" for almost a year. then i re-wrote my whole blog. every single post. because i had every single issue you had with them and then some. love this post. :)

  7. I'm a year and a half late commenting here, but I still can't resist, because of what you said about being consumed for months with finding a mustard-colored sweater. Wow. I snapped my laptop shut in disgust last night after spending WAY too much time looking for the perfect polka-dotted tank top. (It doesn't exist.) I'm getting obsessed. Seriously, do I have nothing better to do? No prayers to say? No husband to talk to? No books to read? No toilets to clean? . . . Just glad I'm not the only one. Thanks for another great insight.