Monday, February 4, 2013

stir cray cray

I'm sorry, I kind of hate myself for the title, but it had to be done.

I always forget how much hate the winter until it comes, which gives you some insight into the low level of functioning my brain has been at since bearing children. Winter does come every year, and here in Indiana winter makes itself at home for the majority of the year and yet the long hours indoors always surprise me, and not in a good-surprise sort of way.

Add to the massive winter dump that has just been given to the South Bend area the fact that Lucy has gotten the same sort of virus that the girls had a few weeks ago and was up most of the night with the shakes, cold sweats and some serious chuckage. I've never had an infant get a stomach bug before and I thought it would just be like when she spits up only a little more- but nope- it was the same as an adult or toddler throwing up, only so much more pathetic and sad.

So what does one do after a night of barely sleeping with a sick 3 month old and two toddlers afoot?

Between holding Lucy, wearing Lucy, nursing Lucy and laying with Lucy to get her to go back to sleep and occasionally tending to the other ones, I altered some pants and am now blogging about it with said sick baby on my lap. That is what one does.

I found these really classy black maternity ankle length flared, swishy, stretchy, trying-to-be-business-casual pants in my closet and decided that I could use a pair of skinny-ish blackies:
And since I had deprived the girls of using the basement for the past few days so as to not have to clean it, it was like a whole new toy filled world all for their enjoyment.
For at least 15 minutes.
But for a mediocre sewing job such as this, that is all I needed to do most of it. I used the line-up-my favorite-pair-of-pants to the uglies method and used a few pins to know where to sew:
Only minimal seam rippage was needed and as I loath seam ripping this was acceptable unto me.

I also sewed up the back a bit to tighten the elastic waste band since I am pretty sure these were new back in the 1990s and were a tad worn and falling down.
And voila:

Mediocre pants on a mediocre day.


  1. You are a saint for enduring a South Bend winter with three littles! A saint, I tell you!!! Never forget it. Enduring South Bend winters shaves off purgatory time!!!

    I love the pants re-do. Fast projects like that are so satisfying!

  2. 1. Every time I visited my sister at Notre Dame I was glad I didn't live in South Bend. I mean, campus is awesome, but with weather like that, you need a little more to make it bearable!

    2. Next time can you do a sewing tutorial that shows me how to make pants fit when I can barely pull them over my butt?

    3. I keep accidentally typing "timeflieswhenyouremakingbabies" when I'm looking for your blog. I suppose that one is also true, but a much more awkward blog title...

    1. Where is the like button for this comment???

  3. I like the pants refashion, but I really love your top. Anytime I try to pull something like that off, I look like I have a box for a torso, but it looks so cute on you!

  4. I have to agree with Rosie. My sister went there also. And I used to live in Chicago. Loved it there, because of the city, but I DO.NOT miss the winter! Happy in my little ATL with it's teeny-tiny winters. Good job on the pants - LOVE Denizen!! I have too many pairs already!

  5. I'm jealous of your craftiness.

  6. I will probably have to stop reading your blog once Leo is born,'due to feelings of inadequacy! Seriously you know how to the turn the tables and conquer a day!!!

  7. Oh gosh, that just breaks my heart :o( I hope that she gets to feeling 100% again soon!

    Btw, the pants look great!

  8. Babies throwing up are the absolute worst. I mean, spit up is fine and normal. But the actual throwing up? So terribly sad. Give that girl a snuggle for me!

    Also, loving the skinnies. Good use of your time! I wish I could refashion like that :)

  9. ah. good for you. I should refashion something ------- someday. far far away.

    looking SO good and I think Lucy and Theo are going to have similar hair ---

    1. Will one of you two pretty please host a refashion link up??

  10. Oh no!!! Poor Lucy! That breaks my heart. I hope you guys are all feeling better soon!
    Great job on the pants!!

  11. Oh nooooooooo I kind of assumed babies had some sort of natural immunity to these things...feel better Lucy!!

    I think tackling big projects on days like that is sort of a denial/escape tactic for mothers.