Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Too Much Talking

I am seriously fighting the urge to write a lengthy post about how hard losing the rest of the baby weight is and about my stupid dieting efforts doing WW but not making nearly the progress that my fellow WW blog buddy Colleen is making (get behind me chocolate cheerios!) and how I am so flipping hungry all the time. But I will spare you all and will instead just give the girls their own post since there will never be a lack of words of theirs to share with the world wide web.

Naomi just annouced, immediately after eating snack: "My tummy is rumbling with hunger, mom! It is because you never gave me the cinnamon chips that you promised me!"
That will certainly satisfy you.

Here is a song Bernadette was singing to her baby while she was sitting with her:
"And sometimes we sit together! And then the trees fall on us!"
She clearly has a song writing future.

While peeling a hard boiled egg for Naomi she said: "Mom, I really don't want to sit on any of these eggs because then we would have to deal with disgusting, stinky chicks hatching out of them"
I don't teach her these things.

After getting out of a shower and realizing I had no towel, I yelled out to Naomi to grab one for me from the closet. She did:
Me: did you get it?
Naomi: oh yes! I did, I am bringing  it! It is huge! Roughly the size of me!
(it was slightly bigger than a hand towel.)

In the car while thinking really hard:
Naomi: Mommy, I think I just want to have my blankie until I am 6 or 7 years old.
Me: Oh, ok.
Naomi: (realizing what she just said) Or no, I think I want my blankie at least until I am 556 years old... or some other really long number.
Me: ok then.

Naomi to Mike while playing with Lucy one morning: "Daddy! Why don't we name the next baby that we have 'Cleave'?"
Mike consented, of course (we are not expecting)

Me: Naomi, could you please take off you dirty play shoes before you get on the couch"
Naomi: No, I don't think so. I just want to be FABULOUS!
And she is.


  1. Ha....I love that last one. All the fabulous people put their dirty shoes on the couch..that must be why my kids do it...they are just being fabulous!

  2. So funny. And I hate to say it, but I think that Cleave is a faaaabulous name :)

  3. Cleave. There you go. It works for a boy or a girl!

    Today was a "let the kids do the talking for you" kind of day. It was my post too! I thought it was more fun than reading about how much I hate Salliemae.

  4. I was complaining to my husband that I can't seem to lose these lingering 5 pounds and I was telling him how healthy I eat and he says, "Um maybe it's the big sugary glass of red wine you drink every evening before bed." I did not want to hear that! Sigh.

  5. Ana, last night it took ALL my will power to not eat over my points, and I only was able to do it because I have a physical today and that's a double weigh in of a week! But tonight...oh tonight I will have my cosmo and nachos, yes I will.

    And "roughly the size of me"...who talks like that? Adorable!

  6. Chocolate cheerios!

    These had me laughing out loud before I went to bed last night!

  7. Love these!
    Lisbeth is always talking about when she is giving up her lovey ~ and then retracting!

  8. Love this! The world is a much more interesting place through the eyes of a child.

    Jennifer @ Little Silly Goose

  9. They are too cute! I'm personally wondering how long I can use the excuse "I JUST had a baby!" to avoid dieting...

  10. Love those "next baby" naming sessions! Our 3 year old has submitted "Mower" and "Handsome Crunch". Maybe I'll ask them how they like "Cleave" next time.

  11. Popping over from the Camp Patton . . . out of the mouth's of babes, no? Our son wanted to name the next baby (who was born back in November 2011), Lamp Post. So didn't happen, but points for creativity?!?

  12. My 3 year old niece insisted that her brother wasn't going to be called Mawgan but Baby Brother. Even now a month after he was born if you mention Mawgan to her she says "I don't know who Mawgan is...this is Baby Brother!"


  13. My kids thought that Drummer boy and Shiny were excellent name choices for my little one!