Sunday, July 21, 2013

weekend haps

More weekend happenings from mine to yours, in arbitrary order, and of no special importance. And I am really going above and beyond because I was going to wait to post this until tomorrow morning to have it count as my first post for Jen's 7 posts in 7 days challenge, but I did it tonight instead... so I will  be torturing everyone tomorrow too!!

The weather finally stopped feeling like the deepest pits of the netherworld and cooled off to a freezing 85 degrees yesterday and it was positively glorious.

We found ourselves able to still be outside at the late hour of 11 a.m. and took some females of the family shots to prove it.

THIS JUST IN: I have a scary, veiny neck. Look how scared Lucy is.

I even attempted to take a picture of all three at the same time and had such high hopes that it would be a good picture. Here are the outtakes:

There were no good takes.

I did Jillian's 30 Day Shred for the first time in a long, long time because a while ago I switched over to her Ripped in 30 and OMYGOODNESS it was so irritating that you have to do the same strength move for a straight 45 seconds. I was pretty sure she added 10 seconds to some of the really hard moves just to show you that she is boss. I much prefer Ripped in 30s adding an extra move to the strength part so your not miserable for so long. On the other hand I think I've teared up several times while walking up and down the stairs because I am so sore so it was obviously effective.

I did it while all three girls were underfoot, which I have almost stopped doing altogether because they annoy me so much while I am trying to sweat, but I bribed them with promises of plentiful light bright playing and stamps and boy did I deliver.

Bernadette stamps 50% on the paper and 50% on her face, hands and body because she is an arteeest.

I made these burgers last night-- well I assembled them and Mike grilled them-- and after I ate one I wanted another one for dessert, they were SO so good . I added some cayenne pepper because we like-a-da-spice and I did not regret that decision at all.

We somehow got our bodies out the door in time to make it to 9 o'clock Mass this morning and I have always been suspicious that I have a sixth sense for a donut Sunday and this morning confirmed my suspicions in the best of ways. Oh tiger tail how I love thee.

I took my WIWS pic post-tiger tail consumption and so you better believe I am sucking it way in. And to those of you who may wonder if I am even trying at all to improve the quality of my always super blurry selfies, here is a bit of proof.
If at first you don't succeed, try one more time and stop.

I went on a run SOLO- so no pushing 100+ pounds of stroller and children- after Mass and if a run could have a title mine would have been "The Revenge of Jillian and the Donut" or something like it. I could not hide behind the mass of child and apparatus weight and pretend like that was why I looked like I was going to die, it was just me and my burning legs and my donut belly heaving away to the tune of King of Wishful Thinking, which got me through it all.

And then we topped it all off with a delightful Sunday afternoon trip to the park wherein there was mucho scolding of the eldest daughter to not be a total and complete jerk to her younger sister. At one point I was punishing her by making her sit on the bench with me and Lucy and she said: "Oh I have an idea! How about instead of punishing me, you just pretend to punish me!" That's a great idea, but really I think you will just sit here with us:

Then she photo bombed our one couples picture of the year:
But great fun was had by all:
Ok, I don't know if Lucy would define her fun as "great" but at the very least, "decent" fun.

Hope to be back tomorrow with all you fabulous fellow bloggers linking up with Jen!
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  1. I love your blue dress- you are beautiful!

  2. Seriously, that blue dress is awesome, great color and style on you! And the "couples" photo is still great. Lucy in the swing is just a doll!

  3. That is a fun weekend! The dress is really pretty, and you could stand to eat a few more hamburgers and tiger tails, you skinny thang :)

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  5. I am a normally silent but appreciative reader, and am also a fan of the blue dress. Where is it from? (I'm asking full well knowing that with my luck it will be a last year summer sale from some cute boutique that only makes 5 of each size. Sigh...)

    I should also mention, since the blue dress has inspired me to delurk, that I am just tickled pink by your turns of phrase and your obvious enjoyment of your children.