Thursday, August 29, 2013

school is for chumps

Tomorrow we're leaving town for a week, we'll be with Mike over this weekend for his cousin's wedding, then we will leave him on Sunday and head further south for a visit to my sister and brother and their families. After that we'll take a ride over to Saint Louis to visit my favorite blogging friend and keep her company during the most hellish sounding husband work rotation ever. It will be an adventure, there will be tears, there will be joy, there may be blood and sweat, but it will be great and a fantastic finale for our summer.

I am not a huge fan of summer things: I hate being hot, I hate lathering children with sun screen and sending them outside only for them to run back in 2 minutes later announcing that they are bored and done, then wanting to repeat the cumbersome process 15 minutes later. I do not like humidity, but I am pretty sure no one but Satan himself does, and I am not really the biggest fan of all the bugs. But I am feeling more and more like I just need to soak these last few weeks of summer up, particularly the aforementioned travels- and I hate saying things like "soak" or "cherish" in reference to life, but I just did.

It's kind of weird that I feel this way because no one in the Hahn house of South Bend is officially starting school when we return, but there is some mental change that happens even for me when all my friends are sending their kids off to school and "buckling down" with their schedules and what not. And it's not even like life with 3 kids 4 and under is in any way relaxing the summer time, *see the above description of getting ready to go to the back yard. BUT this is my last summer ever with a kid who is only in preschool and next fall I will have no excuse at all to not totally buckle down with and do some school with the rest of the child rearing constituent.

I will do something this fall with Naomi and call it home schooling, but only because she talks all the time about how excited she is to home school. Since she has no idea what that will even look like, I can pretty much announce "It's home schooling time!", hand her a hunk of clay and keep drinking my coffee and we're home schooling. I kid a little.  But really, ever since I read Kelly's tips for home schooling in preschool, I have felt a serious lifting of the guilt that accompanies this time of year when everyone is posting pictures of their kid's first day of school. I immediately get a little defensive and start wondering if I should be doing a little bit more since 1) my oldest is the ripe old age of 4 1/2 years and I don't have her in a pre-k program yet 2) I also have an almost three-year-old who I have not even given one thought about putting into pre-school and 3) I have not purchased any preschool home school curriculum either so I must just be intending to keep them home forever and do nothing, resulting in the raising up of idiots who mooch off of the government for their lives.

^That's obviously the case.

It may be that I rely a little too heavily on the advice Kelly gave in that post and if so, so be it. I just don't feel in any rush to move on to the next stage with these kids. Never again will I have a 4 1/2 year-old, almost 3-year-old and a 10-month-old and never again will we be able to have the same sort of non-scheduled, comparatively relaxed (compared to moms hustling kids to school, or doing organized home schooling). I don't know what next fall will entail, and for now I don't even want to think about it, because for now I really like life as it is.


  1. Thank you for this! Why is it that everyone automatically assumes your kids will be attending preschool? Grace JUST turned three and already I've been asked a million times. I don't think preschool is the devil or anything (she may do 1/2 days next year, mostly for the social aspects) but it's so annoying that it's the expectation. I expect to do a lot of coloring this year... maybe writing some letters. And hopefully conquering potty training, but I'm trying not to get my hopes too high on that one.
    Sorry for the novel! Have a great trip!!

  2. This is me, minus the 4.5 year old and I really needed to hear this!

  3. So glad, thanks ladies! I was feeling a little bit like a preschool hater, not trying to hate though- not at all. Different strokes or something, either way, I am glad we're in the same boat!

  4. oh that last picture...I love it. Your girls are beautiful! Now that Emma is in Kindergarten, so many people have quizzed me about why Kolbe is not in pre-k 3. I feel like I have to justify our own family decisions to strangers. It's crazy. You go, mama! And enjoy this year of no "big school" worries! :)

  5. Different family, same boat over here. This is the last year before I have to start worrying about making decisions that may or may not ruin my son's childhood. Let's enjoy it!
    We're testing the home-school waters with pre-K and hoping the answer on what the heck to do when he's five will make itself clear. I'll definitely check out Kelly's post. Let us know how it's going/ imploding! We'll need the solidarity.

  6. Good for you for homeschooling. I don't have the patience! Plus we can't afford homeschooling since half our income would be gone if I stayed home. But, there's really no rush to send your kids off to school if you're home with them anyway, although I'm sure that its tempting sometimes!

    And by the way, you are looking really skinny. I may have to hate you for the next 7 months or so, diet buddy :-)

  7. Definitely do not worry about pre-school! My two youngest have never been to school (they are 3rd and 5th grade now) and they are on the same academic pace as their older siblings, who were a mix of school and homeschooling. A good friend who has a son the same age as Naomi just ordered THE cutest little pre-school program from Memoria press - it's only recommended two days a week and it's just darling. I wish it had been around when I had littler people. Here's a link if you want to take a look. Have fun on your trip - especially with Grace!

  8. What beautiful ladies! All 4 of you! I feel ya on the end of summer thing, school or no school.

  9. You're too kind.
    I actually had someone ask me if I was starting preK with Teddy (who won't be three until October) and I think I couldn't restrain myself and laughed in her face. People keep asking me if Fulton is reading and while I think it would be great if he learned to read this year (kindergarten) I've had kids who were not ready to read at five and that's okay too. Although I've gotten more confidant with each year, there's always some internal struggle over adapting our program to meet the unique needs of our kids vs doing all the things! the catalogues and other people tell us our kids need to be doing.
    Continue to follow your gut.

  10. I totally agree about not worrying about preschool. With my oldest, I was all into doing preschool at home and bought the books and started reading instruction at age 4, yadda, yadda, yaddas. Wiith my end, I did nothing schooley at all until she was 5 almost 6 and she still learned to read and do math and that schooley stuff at the same age my oldest did, even though I started the oldest a lot younger. My 3rd child is 5, and we're just starting school now. There really is no need to start early unless the kid wants it,

  11. I loved Kelly's post on preschool too! It was so helpful! I always feel like the odd man out in my group if friends because we haven't batted a lash at enrolling Easton in preschool and he's only 2.5! People are always shocked but really ehhhh, not feeling it right now..

    Thanks for this post! It made me feel a lot more ok this how I roll :) also your girls are adorable and have fun hanging out in st Lou!