Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Too Much Talking

 ^^ That's just something she's been saying a lot. Who needs real words when you can make up all your own!?

While shuffling through my purse for several minutes trying to unearth my keys from its depths in order to run an errand one morning, Naomi said :
"Mommy, why do you always hide your keys from yourself?"
I do not know, but it is so true.

As Bernadette sat picking at Mike's head one evening, he ask what she was doing and she said:
"Oh, I'm just taking off your cradle caps"

During the breakfast hour Mike noticed that I had left a plastic bag so close to the coffee pot that it was melting, when he expressed his disapproval of that fact, Naomi broke in:
"Well, mommy does her own thing and you just need to let her do it"
That's right.

While trying to make a family plan one Saturday afternoon I let Mike know that I also needed to take care of a bunch of laundry, Naomi interjected with an afternoon plan:
"Oh! How about you could stay here and do the laundry while we go and get slushies? Ok? Ok."
That's just what they did.

Naomi walked up to me with a princess cell phone and a play comb, and handing them to me mournfully said:
"Take them. They're all I have left."

During an intense conversation where I was trying to explain to Naomi that ladies are beautiful even if they are not wearing pink or sparkles or flowers (Disney Princesses be damned!), I pointed to a diaper clad Lucy playing on the floor:
Me: Look at how beautiful Lucy is, and she's not wearing pink.
Naomi: She's not beautiful. She's Naked.

While still on the same above listed topic, I used my favorite nun saint as an example explaining how beautiful a lady can be even though she's not wearing pink. Later in the day Naomi hammered home that I had made very little headway with my explainations:
Naomi: Look mom, Saint Therese has beauty on the inside even without pink!
Me: Yes, you're right!
Naomi: But I am just going to tie this ribbon around her neck to help make her a little more beautifuller.
And, I'm done.

After some naughty behavior was taking place, Mike let the girls know that their behavior was "shameful" (he likes to hammer home the guilt factor), to which Naomi responded:
"It is shameful. But it's fun."
I quit. 


  1. Shameful, but fun..... hahahahahahaha!! She's hilarious!

  2. Actually laughing out loud. Naomi sounds like she's a good time. :)

  3. My favorite is "Well, mommy does her own thing and you just need to let her do it"!

  4. Today was one of those long days at work that was actually physically painful, followed by an RCIA team meeting at church that was a whole different kind of painful (because I was all kinds of awkward, and people are probably wondering if they want to let the too quiet troll near the candidates because she might scare them away from the church forever...) Anyway, all that complaining to let you know that I came home and reading your kids' outrageousness cracked me up and made my day!

  5. Mommy does her own thing! HA! These made me laugh so loud. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. Shameful, but fun...I think I may adopt that as my motto in life!!

  7. Oh my-the last two! A pink ribbon for St. Therese, she's a genius.

  8. Ok, I am having a not-so-fun week and this made me crack the heck up. Thank you!

  9. This is perfect for Naomi...beauty on the inside AND pink on the outside!
    Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters

  10. These were the best yet!! Definitely share-with-the-husband-worthy!