Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Too Much Talking

After talking about how much it will snow when the winter comes, Naomi broke in:
"Speaking of snow! Can we have breakfast?"

At breakfast one morning, probably that same morning:
Ana: Naomi, finish your food
Naomi: My tummy is full. I dare not eat the rest.

In response to me telling them that they need to be good in order to get a special treat, Naomi shouts excitedly:
"We'll be good! We'll be good or bust!"

And Bernadette gave me a vocabulary lesson while the two of us had some rare one-on-one time the other evening:
Bernadette: Mommy, do you know what a "chole" is?
Ana: No, what is it?
Bernadette: Oh! Well a chole means that someone comes here and chomps off all the stuff in the lady's garden and pooh says "is all your stuff packed up?"

Followed by another word description:
Bernadette: And do you know what a "forden" is?
Ana: No...
Bernadette:Well, it means that a truck runs up into a hill and breaks the hill all up and there's little duck babies coming in and a bad Walter Junior and a bad woman....
I really have no words

After being lost in thought for a little while, Naomi looks at me and presents me with a thought that is obviously ground breaking for her:
"Mommy, if I ask you for something that I am not allowed to have and you don't want me to throw a tantrum than you should probably just give it to me."
I would not have thought it was funny if she had any idea at all that she was threatening me. 

One of our conversations on one of our many car trips recently:
Naomi: Mom, tell me what you want to be when you grown up.
Ana: Well, I am already grown up, but I guess when I am older I want to be like nana and grammy, what about you?
Naomi: Um, I would really like to be  mother... because right now I am only a widow.

While trying desperately to get the girls to sleep one night:
Bernadette: I'm thirsty!!
Ana: do you want a glass of water?
Bernadette: No!! I want a glass of wine!
Me too, dear. Me too. 


  1. Well, I suppose the wine would have helped her sleep...

  2. Your kids crack me up... and I agree with Rosie. ;)

  3. Great list!
    Aren't you glad Naomi explained to you how to avoid tantrums; so helpful the little people in our lives.

  4. I love these posts! And I'm loving even more Bernadette's hair! It's gotten SO long!

  5. Bernadette's language kills me! She is amazing. When does she turn three?

  6. Wine probably would help her sleep!! And, I love Bernadette's descriptions...kids are so random and funny. But, I think Naomi's little threat is the best. LOL

  7. Ha! Wine, that's hilarious. Dave asked me out of the blue last week if I needed a glass of wine. Guess I must have looked pretty harried. And I thought we'd been having a good day :)

  8. "you should probably just give it to me".... hahahahahaha!!! Who will win? Ana? or the tantrum?? (on another funny note, instead of "win", I just typed "wine"... Freudian??! I think...!)

  9. Ohhh a glass of wine!!! I love it! Your girls are full if the same zest that Easton is, I can hear him using the just gimme it argument now! He likes to use my words against me, like when I point out that he can only have one more of something and he tells me "one more then one more after that?" "No then you are having two" "ok mama I will have two then" ...... Shoot...

  10. The widow and the girl in need of wine are hilarious!!!