Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Linkage

^ I just made the grand discovery of a camera built in on my ASUS and a photobooth-ish program which will indubitably have an exciting for me but regrettable for most effect on la blog. The name of this hairdo? Showered chic.

Time for a cop out post with some links for your Sunday since a large mug of coffee was spilled all over my very mediocre outfit this morning rendering un-photographable for a WIWS post, which was most definitely for the better. And since the above photo collage pretty much sums up the entirety of my life and the excitement therein, it would most definitely do you well to not stay here long but rather visit these corners of the web for more interesting happenings:

* Sweet Katrina just gave birth to her second baby boy and I have never seen a prettier postpartum lady in my life. Head over and experience the cuteness and beauty for yourself.

* And another of my favorite bloggettes Kate brought her first lady baby into the world, with one of my favorite names in the world. And what is it with all these mothers looking so fabulous right after birthing babies?

* We saw Gravity on Friday night and I could barely wait to read this piece by Kathryn the morning after. I had been holding out until I saw it so it wouldn't give anything away and let's just say, it was worth the wait. If you have seen the movie, you should definitely read it!

* I am going to have a very hard time waiting until Thanksgiving to make this amazing looking cider brined turkey recipe. I may just try it this week, I will surely share about it if I do.

* This Friday I am throwing an All Saints' Day par-tay for mothers and their littles and since there will be treats a plenty for the children, I think I will throw in a celebratoy feast day cocktail for those of legal drinking age. This looks like the winner.

* My friend Kristen from college days has gotten back into blogging recently and between the baby cuteness, adorable nursery decor and delicious healthy recipes, I would say it is worth many-a-click over.

Happy Sunday and enjoy!


  1. I love some good Sunday links. It's the only day of the week I don't feel guilty about clicking, and clicking, and clicking till my little Sabbath-honoring-heart's content. And wow thank you for a link of my own! That was super nice of you :)

  2. No, you are the sweet one. I'm excited for you to meet him!!