Friday, January 17, 2014

7 Blogs I Love

Joining Jen for some late night takes with some blogs that I love. These are by no means ALL of my favorite blogs- I read and love too many to include in a 7 quick takes. These are just a few favorites, some more recently discovered and some old favs, all of which have a nomination from me in one category or another in Bonnie's upcoming Sheenazing awards.

1) Cedars and Tiny Flowers.

I may be a little bias here because Katrina and I are buddies here in the Bend, but I truly do love her blog. She is so sweet and so genuine, both in real life and on her blog, and I love reading everything she writes. She is a master at penning a birth story and she so much more adequately and frequently photographs the splendor of the beautiful campus we live right next to. Also her boys are capital A Adorable.

2) Early Bird and Night Owl.

Jessie is hilarious, I am pretty sure if I lived closer to her I would be a weird stalker type friend who calls her too much and is always asking her to have a Big Lebowski movie night again and again. She is a mom blogger of the highest caliber and so wonderfully captures the craziness and beauty of motherhood, always humorously and always honestly.

3) Good one God.
Oh my, I just love Regina's blog. She deserves the award for funniest blog AND best mom blog, or at least funniest mom blog. I laugh out loud almost every time I read one of her posts and I love her quick, witty and fun style of writing. A recent post about her 2-year-old shoveling bouillon cubes into her mouth thinking they are illicit chocolates left me in stitches. I just love it.

4) Living Little.

Again, perhaps I am playing the friend card, but I love reading Lauren's blog especially her day-in-the-life posts which are refreshingly real and always fun and her kids say super hilarious things too. She recently redesigned her blog and the look is one of my all time favorites ever, plus she ties in my favorite saint on a frequent basis, so she wins all around.

5) Mama Needs Coffee.
Who doesn't love Jenny's blog? I don't even want to know. She never lets me down, she is always there for me with a fabulous mix up of the inspirational and the hilarious. Also, her birth stories are SO good. She is funny, real, down to earth, honest and smart. I lerve her.

6) Mama Know, Honeychild.

I think I have met Heather before, or we at least have some personal connections through family and friends, which gives me hope that one day we will indeed hang out in person. Her blog is the most unique thing and her cartoon illustrations are insanely hilarious while still managing to be encouraging and inspirational, a feat I have no idea how she accomplishes- she is one talented lady. While I feel sure everyone has already read and loves her blog, in the crazy case that you haven't: go there, read every single post and enjoy. I only wish she posted more so I could laugh more.

7) The Rhodes Log.

I know I've said it before, but I love Kate's blog. Every time she posts I hop there immediately because I always love it. She is honest and funny (are we seeing a trend here? yes, yes we are) and is also kind of an idol for me in the healthy eating arena. Between her engagement story and her birth stories, I might as well own her blog in book form because I have enjoyed many a comfy couch sit reading her blog.

And so that's it, a little list for your reading enjoyment.

**All photos blatantly stolen from the blogs. Sorry!


  1. You made my whole night. You really did! :) Now: did we seriously meet before??? WHEN. Wanna know what I realized recently? I heard your sister Becca give a talk at a Steubie conference YEARS ago. And it was a great talk too! Crazy. We are definitely going to meet. I have a list of people I want to meet and you are definitely on it, Missus Hahn!! Thank you so much for this sweet honor. I heart you and your blog!:)

    1. Were you at Joe and Mary's wedding? Mike was a groomsman and we were engaged so I went with him. So even if we didn't officially meet, if you were there we at least dined in the same room together, so we're basically best friends. Unless you weren't there, then just scratch the whole thing.

  2. Thanks, buddy :) You are awesome. Mutual love!

    I love all of these except for Living Little so thank you for the new blog to follow!

    1. P.S. Chris was impressed that you managed to work in a Big Lebowski reference.

  3. Thank you for the shout out! Made my day! Love you!

  4. Ana, I would totally die to kick it with you and watch the Big Lebowski. And - now I'm gonna get a little pompous here - I make an exceptional White Russian. So if that's worth a California trip?

    I already am a lover of Katrina and Kate, and now am stoked to have these new blog recs! I trust your judgment so here I go to pore over my new material. Thank you Ana - and fyi I see "time flies when you're having babies" in my feed and my fingers taptaptap right over immediately. I love it here.

  5. Let's all meet at the bowling alley in our bathrobes!!!

    ana, you are the best!

    lets get a mom confession link up!

    1. I'll bring the white russians!

      and yes, we should totes get a link up going, soon!

  6. lol thank you for feeding my blog reading addiction! I'm going to have to check those first 5 out as I haven't seen those yet :-)

  7. Love these blogs & discovered a few new ones - thanks! :)

  8. Follow most of these already! Great picks. But no Camp Patton?!

  9. Thanks for the shout out! I'm SO honored to be mentioned on the blog that features Too Much Talking!
    And thanks for the recs. You'd think I already read enough blogs...but no...probably never!

  10. The only one i'm familiar with is Kate above!
    Mary Ellen popped over to my blog today and said she'd found me on yours….not sure where, maybe through Kate?
    I found you last September and I enjoy popping over here often.
    Liv x