Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Holding Down the Fort

Alternately titled "Who Forted?" because I am the poster mother for all things mature. 

The thing about typical cabin fever is that it is usually self imposed to a certain extent. I could choose to venture outdoors into the negative temperatures and 8 foot snow drifts for a little dose of social interaction but for the most part it is just not worth it. It is a whole different story when you know that driving anywhere could get you a fine upwards of $2000, then it gets real. South Bend is in a "state of emergency" and the whole town is pretty much shut down and mandated home confinement feels a little suffocating. Who am I kidding, it all feels a little suffocating.

So somewhere around the the 12th morning snack and all the children going batshit even after the construction of my second incredible monster-fort in 24 hours:

 ^^Yesterday's creation

                     ^^Today's work of art

^^This lasted for a few seconds

After about 4 episodes of one of the girls attempting to stand under the table thereby smashing their head, screaming and running out causing a side wall of the fort to collapse I went ahead and called the morning done and on went the entire 7 episodes of the Three Little Pigs (if you have Netflix, check it, it'll knock even the 1-year-old's socks off). It's just so incredible defeating to look at the clock at 9 and be sure that it is at least noon judging by how starving you are and how evident it is that every nappable party is displaying adequate signs that afternoon sleep time is imminent, buuuuut  it's only NINE in the morning and 3 years old is too old for a morning nap, right? Right. I know I know, this is just life for everyone experiencing winter and indoor confinement but what would I do with my blog if I didn't post copious complaints about the state of things? Delete it.

So now I am perched in an all-too-conspicuous hiding spot with the computer, my one little window to the outside world. Oh sweet social media allowing socialization when all other exoduses to the outdoors are forbidden.

In other equally as titillating news, Bernadette has finally bitten through her last pacifier at 3 1/2 and had her first night sans baby sleep crutch and did swell. We're always on the ball developmentally over here.

And Lucy finally sits through entire board books, which is great, except that I might burn "Brown Bear Brown Bear" and call it an unfortunate accident. Kidding, I would never ruin her life like that.

She loves it, she really does.

Stay warm, party people!


  1. Brown Bear sounds good to me right now... The twins are obsessed with these three-page foam books that we have and they're driving me nuts! "Ginger and Louie are sister and brother. Where one goes, the other follows. Best friends forever!" *end book* *throw book across the room in the hopes that they'll get distracted by something on the way to retrieving it*

  2. Brown Bear was my oldest son's very most favorite book. We've owned multiple copies because it was so loved. And I can still quote the entire book from memory and he's almost 18. Seriously.

  3. Damn, that's a good lookin' fort! I can't let my kids see it, they'll start doubting my awesomeness over the shanty I built this am...

  4. I am impressed by your mad fort-building skills! Maybe we need a cyber fort-building contest link-up to survive the cabin fever ;)

  5. I have to admit, I enjoyed "who forted". Because I'm 8, I suppose.

  6. I've been known to shove books under the couch so I don't have to read them anymore. Maybe a dance party could channel everyone's energy/wear them out for long naps?

  7. Brown Bear has made a come back in our house, too. Luckily, my almost-1-year-old flips the pages too fast for me to read the whole book, so I resort to just saying the names of the animals...until that gets boring then I just let him flip until he gets bored of me not reading.
    My other cop-out move is to have my 2.5 yr old "read" the book to him.

  8. Fill mixing bowls with snow. Mix food color with water. Hand them paintbrushes. 45 minutes gone like that.

  9. May I suggest Chicka Chicka Boom Boom? It's a real page turner :-)

  10. Brown bear is a fav over here too and I'm pretty sure I need to find new books and hide our others so that something else gets stuck in my head for a little while. I hope time flies by for you in the morning and the girls happen to all nap a little bit longer... ;)

  11. I had no idea about the driving penalty, yikes. How do you get groceries? Those forts should win you some sort of award, sheenazing or otherwise.