Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Too Much Talking

After much coaxing to get Naomi to eat her dinner, she gave this explanation for her reluctance:
"Well, it's just that I only like to eat ordinary food, that is, food that tastes good."

 Naomi's response to Mike asking her to start cleaning up her toys in the play room at the end of the day:
"Oh, but mommy has done such a great job of cleaning all the other rooms, I am sure she can handle one more!"

Upon realizing she had made a huge discovery, Naomi ran to me to let me know her latest nugget of knowledge:
Naomi: Mom! People in France have their own language!
Ana: I know!
Naomi: Yeah, instead of "the end" they say "zee end"

Naomi: Hey mom, can I have your help with something? (walks up to me with the doll house television set, which she is pretending is a smartphone)
Ana: Yes
Naomi: Well, I'm having some trouble with this. Every time I find the picture I want and try to move it to google it and put it on my faceblog to show it to my friends, but as soon as I boink it it goes to another picture!

Bernadette's response to being reprimanded for breaking a beautiful piece of art we own:
"But my very favorite times are when I am breaking things!"

Ana: Bernadette, go to the play room
Bernadette: NOOOOOO
Ana: Yes, head out to the play room and play
Bernadette: NO IT'S TOO COLD OUT THERE!! (it really is an ice box)
Naomi: (interjecting in her calmest, most soothing voice) Mom, just let her go out to the living room where it's warmer. I promise, things are going to be a lot better in your whole life from now on...

Tonight after putting them in their room for bed, they came banging on the door (we lock them in) and Naomi proclaimed in her most excited/urgent voice:
"Mom, do you know what we just saw? We just saw the largest, BIGGEST star ever and do you know what we're thinking? We're thinking it's probably the star of Bethlehem!"



  1. Oops, commented under my husbands' account again! Anyway, your girls crack me up, can't wait to hear what Lucy comes up with once she starts talking!

  2. haha, too funny! And the smartphone jargon is seriously creative!

  3. lol! Some days I can't wait till my kiddo starts talking. But then I remind myself that it will also mean MOM, MOM, MOM! And then I'm more patient haha.

  4. Oh my gosh. What do you feed them?? I am dying.

  5. Oh holy cow - this was so funny,Ana! Thanks for sharing so I could laugh.

  6. Your kids say the cutest things! I love reading posts like this. At 9 and 11 the things that come out of my kid's mouths usually aren't cute!

  7. They are so sweet and funny, at least to those of us that don't have to discipline them :)

  8. Naomi, you are too much little girlfriend.

  9. ha ha and ha! I can totally relate!!

  10. I keep reminding myself just how old Naomi is- she will be 5 in March, am i right?

  11. Hahahaha kids are so hilarious!!

    {PS I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Naomi!!!!}


  12. Your kids are hilarious! Thanks for sharing!