Thursday, February 20, 2014

5 Household Cleaning Favorites for the Non-Cleaner

I have mentioned before that I really am not a fan of cleaning and don't do it much. I am a fan of having a clean house, but I am not actually inclined to do any of the work myself, especially with all the "helpers who don't actually help" at my feet. I am decent at getting the dishwasher loaded and the laundry done but all other cleaning is accomplished on a desperately-needs-to-be-done basis and done only with the tools that make it the easiest for me to get it finished and fast. So here are some cleaning favorites for the non-cleaner like myself. Linking with the surprise host of the week, Christy! I hope you and the family feel better soon, Hallie!

1) My new Shark Navigator
Holy clean, I love this thing. My wonderful mother-in-law, gave me a fabulous early birthday present in the form of this beauty. I vacuumed our living room 2 days ago and decided to do the same room with my new Shark today to see how much it picked up and- I kid you not- it filled the barrel to the max capacity and I had to empty it. I feel a tad disgusting for having used the old "vacuum" for the last almost 6 years of marriage, just a tad. The best part about the Shark? It is self-propelling! Less work! My kind of vacuum.

2) CLR Cleaner
This one seems weird to me but and I don't even use it that much because, well, I am gross and don't clean my kitchen sink that much -BUT- when I do scrub it out this stuff is indespensible. Why, you ask? I will tell you: because you just pour it on all the gunk that builds up all over your sink, do a quick wipe and it takes everything off- everything, with very little effort on the part of your arm. You can also use it on any other metal surfaces like bathroom sink and tub faucets and... other metal surfaces, it's really great. Thank you, mom for introducing this stuff to me! 

3) This Black & Decker Dustbuster
I know I have linked to this before and probably in Hallie's favorites (rule breaker!!) but it still tops the charts of my favorite household items and make my life easier. I think the only thing that could rival it is a dog. It is quick and efficient at picking up all the leavings of my children after ever meal thereby making me look like a little bit less of a lazy bum of a mother, but I would have to work to keep a dog and that it just no good, soo dustbuster it is! I should also mention that I hate.. no I loathe.. using a broom and dust pan, I don't know why but I always have and always will. The dustbuster makes it so I never have to look at a broom and can still have a clean kitchen floor, boom!

4) Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Duh. I know. Every mother knows about and loves the magic eraser, because it truly is magic. However, occasionally I still find myself without any in the house and then I give myself a good talking to, because seriously, a mother of small children with copious crayons at their disposal should NEVER be without one. This one leads me to my last one...

5) The Magic Eraser Mop

That's right folks, Mr. Clean has gone and outdone himself again with this puppy. It is a mop with a large magic eraser on the end of it. It is awesome. I ran out of soap for the floor yesterday and just had to use water with the mop and it cleaned the kitchen floor better than my old mop with soap. I should also mention that I purchased this mop a month ago and just used it for the first time yesterday, just to give you a glimpse into my laziness. It is not super sturdy, but with how little I mop, it should last for a looong time in this house.

There you have it, 5 cleaning items for the relatively lazy non-cleaner to help keep your home from looking too much like an animals. How about you? Any lazy cleaner suggestions? I am all ears! (or eyes)

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  1. Sigh... now I'm convinced I need a new vacuum. My mother has been telling me that I need a new on for a while. I guess the $40 dirt devil I got from Target in 2008 just isn't good enough anymore.

  2. So, you use the dustbuster for sweeping up crumbs in the kitchen? I'm intrigued by that. Is it really easier than just using a broom/dust pand. It looks harder (to me) because you'd have to bend over to use it.

    1. Haha, well I just added a crucial part to that number because I absolutely hate using a broom and dust pan, I don't even know why but I do so much! So I will always be partial to the dustbuster. I will say that it gets all those teeny tiny pieces that won't quite sweep up onto the dust pan, so that is a plus, but yes, you do have to bend over.

  3. I never knew Magic Eraser made a mop - so cool!!

    I love my Dyson vacuum so hard because of how much grossness it sucks up. Vacuuming is my favorite chore so the hefty price tag was worth it to me and it's lasted a loooooong time already!

  4. All good suggestions! I am a lazy cleaner too, but one item I can't live without is Clorox wipes. With a 4 year old and a 3 year old who use the bathroom on their own (one of whom is a boy), the toilet area gets a much-needed wipe every evening. Some people say they are a splurge, but they make bathroom cleaning so much easier!

  5. I almost registered for that B&D Dustbuster when we got married but changed my mind at the last minute -- I'm gonna have to go back and get it now! My mom always had a hand-held vacuum and it is so unbelievably handy.

  6. I really need a new vacuum cleaner. My 13-year-old Oreck isn't really getting the job done any longer. And I am a huge fan of Magic Erasers (only I'm cheap and get the generic store brand!).

  7. Ok, why have I never seen this Magic Eraser Mop before?? If we don't have that in Canada I think I'm going to cry. I'm on the hunt now! Hope you're feeling alright this week Ana - thinking of you and your sweet growing bambino.

  8. I would add one more number to your five: mom. She is my postpartum secret weapon, finding dirt in places I never knew existed.

  9. We have the Shark too, and my boys LOVE it. Or they just love that it's called a Shark. Every time I bring it out (which isn't often), they shriek and holler that there's a shark in the water and they alternate between trying to wrestle it and jump onto the sofas to escape from it. One of these days, I might just bring it out for the pure entertainment value of the situation.

  10. The Shark Navigator is my favorite too! I love it.

  11. Loved your list, and i will definitely have to check out that mop! There is a product called bar keepers friend that os absolutely amazing. Ever burned rice so bad you thought you would have to throw away a pot (no, just me?) You don't! This stuff makes it look like new! It also makes a glass cooktop stove look like you never cook on it! Usually it is on the to or bottom shelf for about $2. :)

  12. I seriously want that vacuum now. Christmas isn't THAT far away, right?

  13. Our house definitely needs a new vacuum cleaner. We haven’t had a working vacuum for more than a month, using a broom to clean the floors. We definitely could use one now. The Magic Eraser mop though, that I have to see for myself.

    German Zollinger @ TotalCleanEquip

  14. All you forgot is Folex. For carpet. MUST have. You're welcome.