Tuesday, February 4, 2014

good things

I've reached a point in mother-blogging where I fear the prospect of my own posts due to total lack of any content save major complain-y rants about how overwhelming life is right now. Don't get me wrong, I am happy and things are great, the kids are healthy, Mike is healthy, I am healthy (albeit puky), really our cup runneth over. But what does one do when one is drowning in one's own cup? That is mostly how it feels, sooooo rather than burn your eyeballs with any needless whining, I'm going to go ahead and reach real far down into the depths of my sugary, positive side (it is there somewhere) and pound out a few good things that have happened in the last week:

Jim at the grocery store. This was a week (maybe a little more) ago, but it still lifts my spirits to think about it so I must give it some credit. I was doing a week's worth of shopping with all three kids in tow and was most assuredly looking really not cheery while pushing one of those mammoth carts through the store and trying not to gag from all the store smells when this super sweet man stopped me to tell me what a good mother I was. Then he went on to affirm how well I feed my kids from looking at my cart and kept telling the girls what a wonderful mother they had. And that's not all! That would have been plenty to keep me teary eyed for the rest of the weekend but then, THEN, he found me at the other end of store and handed me four giant Hershey kisses and enough money to pay for them and insisted that all four of us treat ourselves for being a great mom and for the kids behaving well (they really were shockingly). It was the sweetest ever.
Thank you, Jim for your kindness and the giant chocolates.

House exodus sans chillins. This weekend Mike was kind enough to set me free from these domestic confines to jaunt to Target with a substantial gift card (thank you, Gail!!) and just my own body to care for. It was glorious. I went in with the intention of finding some pants that are non-maternity that I can button as I just flat out refuse to go maternity yet but my belly is protesting all my normal pants at a mere 11 weeks, but I was not so lucky. I did, however, score these 2 sweet dresses which I've worn already with some leggings and layered with warm cardigans and I love them.

They do the job of keeping me out of maternity clothes a little longer while still defying the frump that accompanies this awkward phase of pregnancy. I am sure I will torture you with pictures of them and my disproportionately large tum all too soon.

Naomi's bed time prayer. The girls have been in what I can officially say is the rarest form I have ever seen. I blame the weather but I am sure that my overall Debbie Downer demeanor is not helping either. Plus they just go crazy when they watch a lot of TV and what is this season of life but a high-amount-of-screen-time season? Nothing. Anyways, after a day of non-stop "nos"- so really just another day- Naomi completely redeemed herself with her one petition at night prayer: "please Lord help me to be more obedient and to not do so many naughty things and to do what mommy asks me to do". BAM. I am not totally screwing them up, or maybe it is just evidence that I am. Whatever, between that and...

Bernadette professing definitively that she DOES NOT prefer boys and WILL NEVER be getting married. We're good.

House cleaning gift certificate. My sweet, wonderful mother got me what I consider to be the very best Christmas present you could ever give to a mother of small children: a gift certificate for house cleaning and oh boy did I use it today. I have been letting crap build up in this house since we got back from Christmas break and once the gunk started talking to me yesterday I thought I should call it in. They came today for a couple of hours and I left the house with the girls for more grocery shopping and McDonalds lunch, which the girls incessantly complimented me for the entire time we ate.

So I won best mom ever for at least the lunch hour and came home to an immaculate home. WIN!

That is all I can dig up for now, I think I've done my duty.


  1. That prayer is precious!!! My daughter asks for birthday cake...we're still working on that...

  2. Loved each good thing! Thank you for sharing! Coming home to an immaculate home sounds like a dream! :)

  3. Chocolate, pretty things and a clean house?? Sounds like your week was looking up! Hang in there, girl!

  4. Oh man, that's a seriously good week. Really any week when someone else cleans your house is a good week but the sweet man and treats and dresses just make it even better!

  5. My husband paid for a housekeeper as a gift to me when I was in the hospital with our 3rd. I cried when I saw the house - it was so clean. I'm pretty good at keeping up a cleaning schedule so that everything gets wiped down on a rotation, but the whole house is never clean all at the same time. It's a beautiful thing.

  6. Sounds like you've got a lot to be happy about!! Chocolate, a clean house, prayerful kids, cute clothes! I think you are on the right track! :)

  7. Oh, housecleaning! I'm jealous.

    And unfortunately, can totally relate to the over-excited kids pumped up on too much TV and not enough outside time. I cannot wait for some warmer weather.