Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Taking a break from stuffing my face with carrot cake and counting it as extra servings of vegetables for a picture heavy Easter blog post.

We had a fabulous long weekend with my parents who made the trek late Thursday and stayed until lunch today and it was glorious. They are the funnest grandparents ever and brought their bike chariot which they rode the girls around in every single time the girls begged them for a ride, which was approximately every 4 hours. Plus! They brought them to parks and took them to breakfast for pancakes and pushed them on the swings more than I have in my career as a mom.

They were soooooo kind and let me and Mike have a solo Veneration of the Cross jaunt on Good Friday AND a date night on Saturday for wings and (shared) margaritas. It was so, so, so, (x150) wonderful.

My mom came bearing an enormous Honey Baked Ham (the legit kind- thank you Chris!!) and it was unlike any other ham experience I have ever had.
We now have enough ham to feed 7 large elephants.

And I made my very favorite carrot cake recipe ever, which happens to be my mom's recipe. It was my only contribution to the meal. And I have eaten most of it.
We should have enough carrot cake to feed at least one elephant, but it has been feeding one pregnant Ana instead. No regrets. Until my doctor's appointment tomorrow. Yikes.

There were family pictures taken and backyard Easter egg hunts and insane amounts of candy consumed.

Needless to say it was a major let down when they drove off this afternoon and it was a tiny bit of a slap in the face to this mother who had gotten a little too accustomed to the copious no-kid time. Nonetheless we celebrate still and continue to work on depleting the candy supply by... eating it. It's really great but methinks my weight obsessed doctor maaaay be a little concerned at my untimely appointment tomorrow morning since I feel confident I've put on at least 4 pounds in the last 4 days.

Thank you Easter. Really, thank you.
Happy Easter to all and to all a good night!


  1. We had such a blessed time with you all, Ana, and will be missing the girls immensely in the days ahead. Already sharing many stories with their cousins, who are always entertained by Naomi's elaborate vocabulary and Bernadette's theatrical spirit. Love you all.

  2. What a pretty color on you, Ana! Looking forward to a bite of that carrot cake.

  3. What great pictures! And be still my heart, I destroy carrot cake if it comes within three feet of me. A late Happy Easter to you guys!

  4. Carrot cake twins. That was my only contribution to the Easter eating too. Mmmmm. And you and the fam look lovely!

  5. Thanks for generously sharing the recipe!! I do the same thing with banana bread. And the copious amounts of blueberry cobbler I ate this weekend after my husband requested it for his birthday. Because none of my children will eat it. The sacrifices we make as mothers....! :)

  6. Just tell him its water weight from the ham ; )

  7. Pretty sure I'm going to have to try my hand (and stomach) at this carrot cake!