Sunday, May 18, 2014

26 weeks

But who's counting?

Me. I am.

Really, I feel like such a wee babe whenever I think or talk about this pregnancy because my first inclination is to complain the day away, but then I think about all the wonderful women who have way, way harder pregnancies than me and realize that things are great, really they are.

I mean, pregnancy is a beast in general for everyone, save for those few fortunate women who actually feel better when they are pregnant than when they're not (I have met them, they are real, and I am pretty sure they all know how lucky they are). I rarely meet a woman who doesn't have her fair share of difficulties during the gestational months, so I will save you any more gratuitous deats and just say that we're par for the course over here.

But I WILL tell you all about this lovely little sun dress that I have on which I decided today is my very favorite maternity dress of all time. I am working on a post of all my favorite summer maternity items, since we're on our third summer pregnancy now and I feel like I am becoming an expert on being hot and sweaty and oh! so! LARGE! But this dress is getting its own post because it really is wonderful. It's from Old Navy but unfortunately from 2 seasons ago and I cannot find it anywhere or anything similar sooo sorry!

It seems like everything in maternity dress-wears these days is either jersey material and/or suuuuuper fitted. I love a good jersey material dress but it doesn't always cut it for Sunday attire, which is what wear the above represented dress for all the time. It is such a nice, airy material (rayon) and the flowers just make me feel purdy, which I need these days. Also, I DO NOT need anything to be extra fitted right now, unless it is opposite day.

My super sweet friend, Claire lent me a bunch of amazing maternity stuffs, among which was this wonderful Gap jean jacket which happens to actually fit! Unlike my other jean jacket which makes me bear a striking resemblance to a certain "fat guy in a little coat" character, so I don't ever don it. I also love these target wedges, purchased THIS year, so maybe you can actually find them if you likey.

And one more with no face and a belly grab for good measure:

So there you have it. 26 weeks. Almost to the 3rd trimester, which is basically done, right?
Sorry, I am losing it.

Have a great start to your week, party people!


  1. Looking fab, lady! I want to borrow that dress next time I'm pregnant, k?

  2. You look beautiful!!! Love the dress!! I want to be pregnant just I can wear that dress!!

  3. You are looking gorgeous!! Seriously you look so stylish!

  4. What a cute dress! You look wonderful!

  5. Oh I am in love with that dress! I have to say, as gross as summer pregnancy was, I think that summer maternity clothes are cuter.

  6. Three out of 4 summer pregnancies over here!! My second was born in September, when my first was 2 and I remember just going to the pool every day and flopping my giant whale self into the baby pool with him and just sitting there for hours. Atlanta + summer + pregnant = one sweaty, hot Mommy!

  7. That is such a cute dress/ outfit, Ana, and you look great!

  8. I looove that dress! You look great!

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