Sunday, August 17, 2014

And now he's Catholic!

Today we celebrated the de-heathenization of little Joseph Pio, and it was such a beautiful day. We actually got to Mass on time, the girls were shockingly well behaved considering it was our first Mass with all four in tow (having 2 uncles, an aunt and a grandfather sitting with us helped, but still). Only one major screaming freak out was noted at the very end of Mass, I think it was during the announcements, and who cares about those anyways, amiright?

SO! He was baptized! And sweet, SWEET Katrina came with her awesome little family and offered to photograph it for us (best friend ever!). She did a stellar job.

Blissfully unaware of the coming sacramental events.

And then...

He be Catholic.
He was WIDE awake and super squirmy, more than any of this sisters were at their baptisms, and he followed up his entrance into the Church with a stinky evacuation of his system and some violent hiccups. He was just keeping things exciting.

We had no real plan of what to do with the girls during the baptism, which resulted in a lot of this:
Not too bad, just bored.
Then there was this:
Also not too bad, a baptism isn't complete without a Doc McStuffins appearance.
But then there was this:
Where? Why? Who the heck knows?

The point is, he got baptized, and there really isn't anything more important than that.
It was such a blessing to have a great priest friend and colleague of Mike's baptize Joseph and another huge blessing to have my sister Becca and her husband Phil, Joseph's godparents, make the drive in from Steubenville for the occasion. AND Mike's brother and dad made it in to meet Joseph and celebrate with us.
    ^ little Joe with his Uncle Joe                                     
Too much goodness, really.

And then we did some eating and drinking and making merry with all sorts of friends and family.

The eating and drinking would not have been possible without my amazing mom who provided us with all anyone could ever need for a great baptism party, thank you, mom!

Joseph could barely contain his excitement and partied real, real hard.

Thank you, Katrina for you great photography skills, I owe this blog post to you!!


  1. He is sooo beautiful. Frame that first picture NOW. And the matching piggies on the girls are clutch.

  2. Welcome to the church, little guy!! He is soooo cute, Ana. And so jealous that you guys belong to St. Matt's!! Therese went to her first ex-utero Mass there. Such a great parish!!!

  3. Congratulations! He's beautiful!

  4. Congratulations! He's so handsome. And you look wonderful. I lovelovelove that blue dress...where did you get it?

  5. You have such a cute and blessed family, Ana. Congrats!!

  6. congratulations! he is beautiful! those are some good looking Godparents ;-)

  7. Call me an idiot (you wouldn't be the first, ha!) but I've been reading your blog for a looong while and just put two and two together. Your FIL was probably second impetus only to Jesus Himself in our "Presbyterian-to-Catholic" conversion story of yesteryear. Cool stuff. Congrats to all of you on Joseph's baptism - what a special day. :)

  8. Congrats! What a sweet baby! AND you look amazing!!!

  9. Congratulations to all of you especially little Joe Pio!!!!!

  10. Congrats! Love the pictures and your dress!! Seriously, dress is awesome. I was reading your blog for awhile too before I made the connection between you and your in-laws. Looks like a great party, and sweet that someone got all those pictures.

  11. I have always looked at your last name and wondered if you knew Scott Hahn. He's your father-in-law?!!! I saw him holding Joseph on a picture on his Facebook page and then I see him here on your blog. I owe a large part of my conversion to his book "Rome Sweet Home"!

    Welcome to the church little Joseph Pio!

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