Sunday, November 2, 2014

All Saints Day, baby!

I realize that it is no longer All Saints Day, but indulge me a little recap with gratuitous pictures of small people in adorable saint costumes please. Thank you.

I do very little by way of crafting costumes for this feast day, and it is amazing how a little bit of colored fabric goes a long way. Also props.

Naomi went as Saint Gianna Molla, Bernadette was Saint Agnes, Lucy was, wait for it... Saint Lucy! And Joseph was Saint Pio of Pietrelcina.

The kids were so excited about getting in costume and we even attended a great party with the local Catholic home school group. Lots of candy was acquired, which helped a great deal the "why don't WE celebrate Halloween, mom?!?" question, because- candy- does it really matter?!

But seriously, I have gotten the question a few times about why we don't celebrate Halloween and the long and short of it is that we just like to make a really big deal out of All Saints day. I personally am not an on-the-ball enough mom to make a deal of both days, and I am pretty sure that if I put my energies into Halloween, it would just swallow up All Saints Day, which would be sad to me especially because it is such a huge feast day in the church. So far the girls have not pushed back very much and they enjoy the All Saints day celebration so much, it really works for us and I love keeping the focus on the saints, because they are awesome.

So a happy, happy All Saints and All Souls days to you and yours, and I hope your weekend was fun and celebratory in the best of ways!


  1. love your little saints....
    I, too, am struggling with celebrating two events back-to-back. This year is probably my wake-up call. we missed Halloween because of a cold rainy night. I could have done a better job making a big deal out of All Saints. I am with you, I love the feast of All saints. :)

  2. Great costumes! I say stick to All Saints Day...the kids enjoy it and you don't have to worry about 2 costumes for each kid if you add Halloween into the mix. :)

  3. I'm so frustrated by the back-to-back holidays too - especially since there's always so much outside stuff going on for Halloween and nothing around here for All Saints :/ I can't deal with both!!! I'm hoping next year we can just throw a big party as an All Saints vigil and take out Halloween & All Saints in one fell swoop - trick or treating is fun but EXHAUSTING!

  4. I love the St. Gianna idea... filing that away for next year!

  5. hahha I love the costumes! My Mom always did the same thing and honestly dressing up like saints and getting candy at a party was so fun I am certain I never missed out on anything! Despite the fact that other people try to convince me that I did but All Saints Day parties are the best!

  6. What beautiful saints day costumes! They definitely could easily be worn for both days :). Fr. Dave at St. Anthony's gave a fantastic homily on what hallow means, how the three days are connected and how Catholics can best celebrate all three days are ours from the faith. This article from Fr. Robert Barron's Word on Fire speaks to that same connection: Thought you might enjoy-

  7. Ana, I enjoyed this post and agree about putting the emphasis on All Saint's Day! The pictures were great and your kids were adorable! It was great seeing you guys at the party!