Sunday, February 8, 2015

it's in the bag

I hate shower games. Any time I've thrown a shower, baby or wedding, for anyone I have deliberately neglected to include games. All except for one shower game, which I played at my friend Suzy's baby shower, where you got points for the crap that's in your diaper bag- the more ridiculous, the higher the points.

And I won. Here's why:

I had a whole lot of difficultly even dumping my bag to take a photo of what was inside because of how packed it was, and I realized something about myself when I did so: I am a hoarder of diaper bag items. Be it pens or lotion bottles, chap sticks or baby hats, it's not enough for me to have just one of anything in there, there always end up being at least 2 or more of most of the stuff that is in there. Except diapers, you're lucky if you even find one.

Let's take a look, shall we?
From the top left corner:
  • nursing cover (1)
  • Mass books for kids (roughly 8)
  • chap sticks (3)
  • mini lotion bottles (2)
  • eyeliner sharpener (1)
  • tylenol (1 bottle)
  • hand sanetizer (1 bottle)
  • dramamine (1 container)
  • keys (1 set)
  • wallet (1)
  • burp cloth (1)
  • prayer books (2)
  • deoderant stick (1)
  • pens (5)
  • child undies (1 pair)
  • tissues (2 packs)
  • antibacterial hand wipes (1 pack)
  • diapers (3!!!!!)
  • baby hats (2)
  • baby outfit (1)
  • fake kids phone (1)
  • random cards for kid play (2)
  • fruit snacks (1 pack)
  • baby wipes (1 tiny bag full)
  • little mirror (1)
  • bracelet (1)
  • broach (1)
  • hair things (3)
  • piece to a broken necklace (1)
  • giant pile of trash (1)
Let's just say that if the Lily Jade giveaway was based on the number of absurd, useless things you had your bag, I would win.

I was really happy to do this post because I desperately needed to clean out my bag, which is now lacking the giant pile of trash, but I ended up putting most of the stuff listed back inthe bag because, you never know!

How about you, what absurd things are in your bag? Tell me I'm not the only one.

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  1. Hey, did you secretly take a picture of all my stuff? I'm pretty sure I could rival that pile, although my receipt/random paper hoard is relatively small at the moment thanks to my January purge and lots of snow that has kept me at home and not stuffing more junk in the bag! (I say that, but I still clawed through my purse for an embarrassingly long time looking for my keys after the ministry to mom's tea this afternoon!)

  2. I have so much crap and I can never find what I want. So ridiculous. Hope you win!

  3. I love it love it love it. If I kept fruit snacks in my bag they'd be gone in two seconds flat.

  4. I currently have a glass frog paperweight in my diaperbag. It is unclear how it got there....and I will likely never remember to take it out. I may be a real contender to win this game!