Friday, March 20, 2015

Bloggers Who Craft Spring Fever GIANT Giveaway

Say what you will about mom blogging, but I am going to go ahead and say that it has been an absolutely huge blessing to me since I took the plunge roughly 3.5 years ago. I have made countless friends both online and in real life through the blog and it has been a great place for solidarity and encouragement.

In honor of the goodness that is mom blogging, in honor of the amazing fellow bloggers and especially the fabulous readers and in honor of crafting for others, I give you:

I am really, really excited about this because gifts! and handmade things! and you might get them all! That's right, one very lucky lady (or gent who would not need to buy a gift for his lady for at least another year) will win some great handmade goods and while the collage gives you the deats, here they are some extra tidbits and close-ups:

1) Katrina of Cedars and Tiny Flowers has an etsy shop called Hatch Prints in the works and her prints are gorgeous! This beautiful watercolor is one that she shared with all the ladies at the recent blogging conference and everyone was, as they should be, super impressed.

She hand paints her quotes and then digitizes them and prints them on super classy paper and they are really beautiful, I can't wait for her shop to open!

2) Cassie of Kent Heartstrings is a friend of mine from college and I never knew back then of her penchant for fun and awesome crafts. Her blog is full of so many fun DIY ideas and guess what?! Her etsy shop it now open! Head over there and look at her adorable creations. She is graciously giving away one of her bright and fun bead necklaces and a spring weave that will brighten your home and life.

3) Nell of Whole Parenting Family is the queen of quality organic handmade wonderfulness. She recently started selling handmade lady leggings in her shop and they are on my birthday wish list, they are beautiful. She is so sweet and giving away one of her contour cloths and one of her bandit bibs, which are incidentally the cutest bibs ever (exact fabric TBD)

4) Jenna from Call Her Happy makes embroidered necklaces that are some of the most unique and pretty handmaid items on Etsy, in my opinion. I bought one for my sister last year and she immediately fell in love- they are just perfect. They are the perfect size and so intricate and detailed. Jenna is generously giving this beautiful flower necklace to the lucky winner.

5) I do not have an online shop, but I love me some sanity sewing time and I love you readers. I am a little obsessed with the fact that Spring has officially begun today, warm weather is right around the corner and I am all about Spingy scarves right now, so I made some for you!

I don't get to reply to every comment and I know I won't get to meet every wonderful lady who reads this blog in person, so this is my little thank you and I am only sorry that I can't make a "Thank You Scarf" for each and every one of you.

So that's that! This is the mammoth mother of all Spring Time Giveaways and you should absolutely get on it and tell all of your friends and mothers and sisters and daughters and you get it.

Happy spring and happy Rafflecoptering!!!

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  1. Holy jackpot, Batman. Love this!

  2. Your scarves are beautiful! You'll have to do a post on how to make them or open your own etsy shop!

  3. What an great giveaway! Your scarves are very pretty!
    PS got my first Blue Apron yesterday from your link--SO awesome. Helping me break out of my rut in cooking the same 5 things :)

  4. I love it all! Also, I agree that the community is such a great part of our corner of the blogosphere.

  5. Can Canadians enter? All of these look beautiful!

  6. Thank you for including mine! Love your blog and your readers!

  7. Be still, my homemade-loving heart!

  8. So lovely Ana! Next time we are together, I would love a little sewing lesson!

  9. Love this giveaway! So much awesome! Thank you :)

  10. Wow how fun! I so enjoy hearing your fun and not so fun mothering stories.

  11. Such a great group of artisans! :)