Sunday, March 8, 2015

this weekend

Have you ever tried to write a blog post in tandem with listening to an audio book? In the interest of maximum productivity and a love of both reading (or listening) and writing, I am going to go head and attempt to do both, which likely means both will see fairly half-assed outcomes. Oh well.

This weekend deserves a little recap because it was so very fun, nay positively delightful. Look!

It's Bonnie! And Nell! And Kathryn! And Michele! And so many others!! I had the loveliest of lovely times with this group of ladies at a conference of Catholic lady bloggers over on Notre Dame's campus. You know you're one of the only people at a conference without a smart phone when this is the only picture you get of the fun festivities, but hey, at least I got one.

Highlights include:

* meeting so many new, wonderful woman and making friends- I'm a huge fan of friend-making. I especially love meeting bloggers who I converse with frequently via the interwebs and feel like I am really and truly friends with except that I have never actually seen them in person. And then I meet them and BOOM- BFFS, or something like that

* the cookie table and all the fabulous food- Katrina and Bonnie did a bang-up job hosting nearly 30 women, they are amazing

* the talks, all SO good

* getting out of the house and away from the estrogen overload for a day- thank you to the best husband ever

* coming back home and having all three girls run to me as if I had been gone for weeks

Low lights:

* missing the star of the show, Mrs Patton, who oh so unfortunately was dealing various child-ailments on the home-front and who deserves 7 retreats away by herself

* that poor baby Joseph was sporting the black lung all day on Saturday after a Thursday diagnosis of baby-bronchitis and an ear infection. He was definitely on the up-swing by Saturday, or at least
he was able to not cough for 15 minutes straight like he was earlier in the week and after being on antibiotics he was no longer feverish, so I decided to just bring him and keep him strapped close to my person all day.

But by 5:30 p.m. he could handle no more and so the super-fun dinner with all the super-fun ladies was cut short after a quick chug of one of the best margaritas I've had in a while (and awkwardly telling a new friend that I "love her!", after knowing her for all of 9 hours - sorry Elizabeth!), we had to high-tail it home to get our nebulizer on and hit the sac.

All told it was a really fabulous time and I am really looking forward to updating my feedly and adding all of the blogs of the many new bloggers that I had the privilege of meeting. Thank you again to Bonnie and Katrina, rock star party party planners extraordinaire!


  1. I feel like that's living the dream - telling a virtual friend you love her when you see her face to face. I mean that both really and sarcastically all at the same time, somehow.

  2. It all looked so awesome, and I really wish I coulda snuck in even though I'm Canadian. You all are such a great group!

  3. It was so fun meeting you and seeing you again at Mass! So glad we could both make it. :)

  4. It was killing me not to be there! Glad Joseph let you go and that he's feeling better. :)

  5. Poor Joseph was such a trooper. And I felt like we only talked about ME when we were chatting!!! Next time all about YOU, sweet sister. 💙💙

  6. It was so fun meeting you and everyone else!! I had a fantastic time!! And, I'm so excited about all the new blogs I get to read!

  7. It was awesome! So glad to meet you and everyone in person!

  8. I heard about this conference on Instagram over the weekend. So fun!

  9. You NEVER have to apologize for telling me you love me! I love you too! Friends forever! (Can't wait to get our girls together!)

  10. It was so fun to meet you! Only sorry we didn't get to talk more. I hope your little guy is much better now.

  11. Thank YOU for all your help! And it was such a delight actually meeting you. I wish we could have chatted for longer.