Sunday, August 9, 2015

more than just a diaper bag

A couple years ago I first started following Lily Jade through a review and giveaway hosted by Grace. I'll just go ahead and make this little confession that sometimes I enter giveaways through following a company, and then once the giveaway is over and I didn't win I maybe just maybe un-follow them. I know, I'm so bad! (you know you've done it)

I don't always do it, and I generally stick with them long enough to see what they're all about and whether or not I would really, genuinely use their product and stand behind it. It did not take long for Lily Jade to keep me hooked, and not just for their gorgeous diaper bags, they really are so much more.

Within a few months of following them on Facebook, and then later on Instagram, I realized that his company was different in so many ways. Yes, they are making great products for mothers of little ones but so many other companies out there are doing that too. So what are they doing that's different? I'll tell you.

They are encouraging and uplifting mothers, they are supporting a culture of life by continually promoting the message that life is sacred and that this vocation of motherhood both difficult and beautiful and ultimately heroic.

Plenty of us mothers feel the pressure of a world that is often bothered by the inconvenience of children: we endure the comments from strangers about "what causes this", the occasional eye rolls, and the open-mouthed stares at our children and their borderline psychotic behavior in Old Navy. It is hard to stay strong, to keep believing that what we are doing is not only OK but even good, even very good, and to persevere in our efforts to be virtuous mothers.

Maybe I am going too far here, because Lily Jade is primarily a diaper bag company, but in the months that I have been following them, I have found a great deal of inspiration and support from their constant affirmations of me as a mother. Honestly, their product just seems to be a concrete expression of their appreciation for mothers, and their desire for mothers to feel cared for.

Their bags are the made with high quality full grain leather and have an incredibly convenient, detachable and washable organizational bag inside the leather bag. The inner bag is made of a silky smooth material and has oh so many fabulous pockets, and is incidentally sold separately. I love love love the Elizabeth in camel and the Sarah Grace in gold (Katrina wore it beautifully). Nell also rocks the Madeline in canvas, I would go for that one too- who am I kidding, I would take them ALL!

We are heading into what is sure to be a fun festival of feces in the next few weeks while attempting to potty train Lucy, and I cannot tell you how very grateful I am for all the pockets in this bag-- I will be using each and every one for all the extra undies and multiple clothing changes I'm sure to need.

In short, even if you're not in a financial situation to have your own Lily Jade right now, you should definitely follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and tell your friends and family all about them to get the word out about this fabulous company. They are doing great things and making fabulous products, head over and check them out!


  1. You look amazing! As does the Caroline and Baby Joseph (when will I ever stop prefacing his name with Baby? Probably never).

  2. these photos are so good!!! And agreed - Lily Jade is such a great company!!!


  3. Fun festival of feces! I lol. And sigh because we've been having ours here for several months. Pre-baby training, always a delight.

  4. I waaaaant one of these! I have mothered from the beginning that each new baby needs a. We diaper bag (or maybe two over their first year) and have generous family who usually help me achieve this. A lily jadr bag is tip top on my list for number four, when/if that rolls our way. A good reason to be open to life even....maybe :)

  5. They are such an amazing company! I love that they donate a bag to Adoptive mothers and share their beautiful adoption stories. They gifted me with a bag when I was pregnant with my daughter who had a terminal condition. It was such a sweet gesture and really meant so much to me...

    1. This is the link about Lily Jade gifting us with a bag

  6. I totally agree with you about Lily Jade making a beautiful product - and after reading this, I like them even more! (And I totally love the pictures of you and Joseph!!)

  7. I totally agree with you about Lily Jade making a beautiful product - and after reading this, I like them even more! (And I totally love the pictures of you and Joseph!!)

  8. You and Joseph are so so cute! What a beautiful and thoughtful take a truly good company. They mean what they say and they're genuineness extends to their bags too! Love!

  9. My husband got me a Madeline for my birthday this year. I know it is going to be an awesome addition to my routine when baby #2 comes this fall

  10. I got a Madeline for my birthday! I LOVE how it's classy and useful =)

  11. I will be checking Lily Jade out more. I have to admit... I opened this post on my laptop bc I was hoping there was a giveaway!:( I would LOVE one of their bags but the cost is just more than I can do right now! You look great, btw!