Wednesday, September 16, 2015

highs and lows

Home schooling is cramping my blog-style like whoa and doing some serious collateral damage to my precious internet time-- which is probably a good thing-- but especially when it comes to coming up with any decent content to write about, I'm just not. The end of every day I feel like I've run a mental marathon and any chance I have to sit during the day = season 4 of The Office Zonk-Out time. It's bad.
Aside: These Aldi flowers + this Hatch Print = match made in house warming heaven

But not having good blog content has never stopped me from blogging off the faces of the masses before, so I will not let it stop me now either. I will not let this blog go down without a fight. How about some weekly highs and lows? K great.

low: Last Monday still sticks out in my head as my worst home schooling day thus far, and for whatever reason (I'll perpetually blame hormones) I could barely breathe and all I am doing-- I mean really doing-- is 1st grade! I was in such a rut questioning the entire home schooling thing and wondering if it's even in my being to do it and whether I can mentally stay sane with all the kids in the house, alllllll the time. But then...

HIGH: I haven't had another day like it so far! Not even this Monday! I actually feel like I am more fulfilled than I have ever been as a mother doing school at home, it feels like I'm mothering on all cylinders or something. I am sure this is what every mother of school-aged kids feels like, whether they are home schooling or not, but I really, really love it!

low: After roughly 2 months of complaining incessantly to Mike about foot pain that was gradually getting worse and worse (especially as I decidedly did not lower my levels of activity during the day, hoping that the pain would just fade away) I bit the bullet and hit up the podiatrist yesterday. The diagnosis? Bursitis!! How and when? I can't be sure but I think it might have something to do with the fact that I did Jillian's entire 30 day shred without wearing shoes in our basement. Every time I had the chance to workout I would feel so panicked and pressed for time and if my shoes weren't right there in the room with me and I was all clad for some jumping and sweating then I just got right to it. But that is a whole lot of jumping and pounding on bare feet and I do recall toward the end feeling like something just wasn't right in my foot and sure enough, I was right. Moral of this little cautionary tale? Wear your shoes when you workout.

HIGH: I must rest my foot so... NO JILLIAN!

another HIGH: Little Lucy started Catechesis of the Good Shepherd with Bernadette and Naomi yesterday and she actually did well! Her teacher said she only resisted following directions "at first", to which I was thinking "you lucky dog", because seriously? She be a straight-up 3-year-old around this house and I was kind of positive I would be getting a call about a fit over not wanting to do what they wanted her to do, but no! And the cuteness could not be stopped:

After several months of informing every innocent by stander that should be soon "be going to skoooWOL", she finally did it. Or sort of. Not really.

Corresponding low: After she came back I was chatting with Mike about how she seemed really clingy and how it was probably because of her first day of Atrium but how it was "SO much better than Bernadette's way of dealing with the big change of being in a class room setting, which was peeing EVERYWHERE". Sure enough, 2 hours later, after almost zero accidents for the last month post-potty training we have since clocked in 2 rather enormous, stand-right-next-to-the-toilet-and-stare-at-it-but-pee-allllllll-over-the-floor-instead-because-I-CAN accidents. If you've never had a kid do it, just count your blessings.

HIGH: I finally scored a great babysitter after a summer of none! I had a gem of a sitter from Saint Mary's who graduated and left us all sad and confused, but this is a high so onward and upward and she recommended a friend who has come for several weeks now and we love her! This is extremely important because her nearly 3 hour weekly sitting stint is solely for the purpose of mama sanity time and to keep my home schooler spirits high. The first time she came I made the silly mistake doing our giant weekly grocery shopping and then coming back here and doing Naomi's school work with her while the sitter sat with the little ones and by the end I was like, "wait, why?", then she left and I felt like I needed another sitter to come so I could go have some ME time, but that is why she came in the first place! I have since wised up and this morning I spent a glorious 2+ hours out the house-- I hit up Mass alone, mosied through a grocery store for just a few things, went to Starbucks and pretended to be cool, read in a parking lot of a thrift store and then shopped in it. Which brings me to yet another high.

Let's end on a HIIIIIGH: I found this dress with the retail tags still on it ($110.00), in my size for $5, plus a Banana Republic polka dot tunic, PLUS almost brand new Gap jeans-- all in my size, all for under $20. Best ever. I'm sure to attack your feedly with faux fashion posts with all my new cheapo finds, because... no other content!

I'll end there before my blog kills itself with too much uninteresting information. Here's an unrelated sleeping baby picture for the road:


  1. Wow to the thrift store finds! I have had very little luck finding clothes at thrift stores (due to being size extra midget) but I did once find a cute cashmere sweater that I loved until I accidentally felted it.

  2. Teach us your thrift shopping ways! Every time I go I end up with a lot of knick knacks or kitchen stuff but never have any luck with clothing. Do I just need to be more patient and go through every rack every time?

  3. Your HIGHS are all great! And well done on that shopping!

  4. uninteresting information? Not at all! Love your blog.

  5. Spill the beans! WHERE did you shop!? :) love the post!

  6. Glad the homeschooling is going well! The highs and lows will continue every week. It's a vocation for sure. There have been days where I've questioned "why, why, why"! But looking back at everything, I know it was the right decision for our family.

  7. Ohhhh...please keep doing your highs and lows. I love them so much! Also I need to message you or something because having a dissertation writing husband is killing me lately. :-(

  8. Ohhhh...please keep doing your highs and lows. I love them so much! Also I need to message you or something because having a dissertation writing husband is killing me lately. :-(