Friday, March 4, 2016

Day in the Life: "Homeschool" with 6, 5, 3 and 1

I am really loving reading through the various Day-in-the Homeschool-Life posts from Simple Homeschooling, but I hesitated to add my own for oh so many reasons, such as

a) no 2 days look exactly alike,
2) some days I really love homeschooling,
c) some days I really LOATHE homeschooling,
d) I don't want to give an inaccurate depiction of things here because some days I win and some days I lose and we all know that I cannot NOT keep really real on the blog.

Last night Mike and I got to go out on a date and over wings and beer I confided about how encouraged I am about homeschooling as of late, how I feel like we're finding a good rhythm and how I kind of like it. I was coming off of one really good school day, where all the school things got done and all the house things and I just felt good. I told him how I haven't had a really bad day in a while (since the one I had about 1 month ago where I frantically called our parish school asking if they would PLEASE take a late enrollment?!?).

Of course that meant that today was pretty much doomed. But now I have 2 real, legit days to share with you, a winner of a day and a not-so-winner-of-a-day. Hit it.

Thursday, March 3, 2016:
The winner

7:00- Someone forces me to exit the comfy confines of my bed, and I wish with all my heart that I had just gotten out of bed when Joe first cried at 6:15 so I could have beaten the children in waking. Story of so many of my days.

7:30- Children play around me while my coffee is had and some scripture reading is done, so I move forward with the day...

8:00- Breakfast for all

8:30- Tell the girls to go play for 30 minutes while I get ready for the day, but then I notice the unfolded basket of laundry in the living room, which reminds me that there is another unfolded basket in the laundry room, and roughly 2 large loads of dirty laundry to be done, decide that laundry needs to be a part of this day and run down with the dirty stuff.

8:40- Once dirty clothes are going in the wash, I grab up the clean basket of the kids' clothes and decide to do a hasty sort-and-put-away in their room so it's done.

9:00- Finish, dump the clean adult laundry on the adults' bed and get ready for the day (shower, makeup, etc...)

9:30- Finally tell the girls that it's time to start the school day, grab our catechesis book (first communion prep), and a book about saints and we all sit down to do our mornings prayers  (morning offering, a decade of the rosary and a Lenten hymn) + catechesis reading + read about the life of a saint.

I often do history reading at this time, but we skipped it today because I don't think it's necessary every day.

10:00- Finish prayers and catechesis and remember that I have to do a crock pot meal today due to afternoon commitments from 4 p.m. on, decide that we'll do lessons upstairs today instead of the basement school room and run down for our books.

10:10- Set up Bernadette and Lucy with a counting puzzle on the dining room table and begin Naomi's math lesson with her at the kitchen table while I get the dinner in the crock pot.

Mind you, there is an 18 month-old toddling around, but I have no clue where he is or what he's doing most of the time... 

10:30- Still doing math with Naomi, the girls finish their puzzle time, Lucy runs to play with Joe and I give Bernadette some letter tracing to work on (the extent of kindergarten for the most part).

10:45- Math is finally complete and I'm still working on this crockpot meal. I give Naomi her spelling + handwriting worksheets and try to finish up this meal when Joe appears in the kitchen with a nice china tea cup and promptly smashes it onto the tile floor. That's where he was. Clean up that mess and move on.

11:00- Make some dough for bread and help Naomi with various spelling things.

11:30- Spelling done, onto some 1st grade language arts which is done by 12 and we move on to lunch.

12:00- Feed the kids lunch

12:30- Order them to play for 30 while I stuff and sandwich down my starving, pregnant gullet.

1:00- Nap time for Joseph. Head to the basement with the girls, where they spend their "rest/quiet time", transfer the rest of the laundry to the dryer and read a chapter from our current read-aloud book and turn on some Angelina Ballerina so I can have my own nap.

2:00- Angelina is tragically over, I grab all the clean laundry from the laundry room and then head upstairs to pop the adequately risen bread in the oven and then attempt to lay down with Lucy for her to sleep a little but quickly realize that this is NOT going to happen, so I stop trying and get to the bread out of the oven.

2:30- Give the girls a 30 minute warning before it's time for showers before Bernadette's mini concert and Naomi's dress rehearsal for their choir.

3:00- Shower the girls while I sort and swiftly throw their clean clothes into their drawers, I no longer attempt to fold any kid clothing since it gets torn out of drawers to quickly.

3:30- All kids' clothing is clean and put away, I do the girls' wet hair and get them dressed for choir.

3:45- Ask Mike to take a break to help me with getting out the door, we wrestle a very tired and tantruming Lucy into her car seat and me and the kids get moving to our choir commitments.

5:30- All choir stuff ends and we head home to meet Mike back at the house for dinner. I start to set the table and 5 minutes later find this:

6:00- Mike returns from Mass (he walked down the street, such a blessing to be so close to a Catholic parish) and we get to dinner.

Kids in bed by 7:30.
Good day overall. Maximum productivity and minimal flipping my shit. Win!

Now let's do a real quick Friday recap, shall we?

March 4, 2016:
The Loser

At some point some school happened but more tantrums were thrown than lessons were done and the toddler pooped roughly 6 times before 10 and 1st trimester nausea came back to visit so...

By 10:30- Mom is crying in the kitchen to Mike about how hard homeschooling is and is overheard by the 5-year-old saying she wishes they could just go to school! That was a hard one to talk myself out of, but I genuinely was able to say that it is just really hard to focus on teaching some days when the little ones need so much, and I'm just very pregnant.

11:00- the towel is thrown in and I turn on You Tube for the girls to dance to Vivaldi while I move from the couch as little as possible, except to hide from the kids and do some therapeutic eating.

Winner of a day and loser of a day. Homeschooling with all little kids and very pregnant in a nut-shell.


  1. My kids sometimes say they want to try real school. They have no idea. My kindergartener thinks his hour of work is too much! Pffft, kids

  2. Love it! Both kinds of days sound quite familiar (except I don't have a toddler to keep up with).

  3. the typical ups and downs of homeschool life!

  4. Love him on the table! And I love that you don't fold laundry since it just gets unfolded... I may have to try this! Also, it was lovely (sorry!) to see that another mama struggles with getting household chores AND school done. I find this so difficult. Laundry and dishes and meals and bills... it's all so much when the kids are circling and need to get through school each day. Thank you for sharing and for being so real.

  5. Thank you, thank you, THANK you for making me feel normal!!!

  6. Thank you, thank you, THANK you for making me feel normal!!!

  7. I loved this post! I'm homeschooling my 4 and 6 year old with my 2 year old and 5 month old "free ranging.". Right now there are definitely more hard days than easy. Most of the time I want to send the kids to school, but we end up having a good day and I feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel. It really is refreshing to see the good and the bad days of homeschooling, knowing that we all have those days!

  8. These posts help me so much as I gear up for our first real year this fall. I'm equally excited and scared out of my mind.

  9. Oh boy, I totally feel your manic! I remember those days, and I still live them. I have 9 kids from 15month twins to a 17yr old. Some days we win some days we loose & some how everyone has learned to read (math, not so much- hot tip: invest in a tutor). No matter the winning or loosing, these are such good people. These are kids that help each other (and are stinky to each other too), help me, and love their faith. The conversations & the relationships we have are priceless. They go to daily mass (not every day or every week) of their own volition. They tell me they want to go to confessions. Academics are the gravy, their soul is the meat ;)
    None of this is perfect, but take the joy at each stage.

  10. Great job, mama! You rock at homeschooling littles while pregnant! Im so impressed! :)