Tuesday, May 30, 2017

sista, sista!

(If you aren't singing that title to this tune, you weren't a middle schooler in the 90s.) 

My sister and her fabulous family came over the weekend and, as is the case whenever family time comes to an end, I am still basking in the goodness and repeatedly scrolling through pictures trying to burn the memories into my mind-- it was just so good.

I am the 5th of 8 kids and this is the sister right above me, the one I was closest with growing up, the one I shared a room with-- the one I thought was one of the coolest people in the world (and still do).
When we were younger she used to let me watch The Crow with her and listen to her edgy music, now she gives me sour dough starters and homeschooling tips.

She is and always has been one of my very closest friends, and since having 5 children around the same time as her, I have been able to share so many new and unique experiences which motherhood has brought about. She was my inspiration to try out an all natural birth when I had Naomi and we bonded over our love of epidurals with later children.

I've read lots of really beautiful cases for siblings, so I don't feel like I have much to say in that regard except DITTO! My siblings are such trusted friends, every single one of them. We have bond that is truly special and that I don't have with any other friends and I am so grateful for it. But there is one other things that, as the 5th born, I have been able to experience as a truly amazing blessing of siblings, and that is their children.

This weekend I watched my kids jump into friendships with their cousins-- who they haven't seen in months-- like they were with them yesterday. I watched them work together to include each other and the littler ones, I watched my older two take care of their little cousins with so much gentleness and I watched the very close bond that certain pairs have grow even stronger. It was so special.

Then when all the kids were sleeping we got to stay up way too late and watch John Mulaney and laugh so hard that I spit beer into my hair-- again, so special.

Naturally I got zero pictures with my sister (something to do with herding 12 kids around all weekend) but that's just a really good excuse to share this oldie, circa 1985.

And one more oldie of us all with our Aunt (Bernadette and is me as a child, see all above pics)

Siblings be da best.

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  1. Siblings ARE the best! I love, love, love to be with my sisters and my brother. With us all spread apart, nothing makes me happier than to see a group chat come through my phone - always guaranteed for some laughs! Drove by your cute town on my way down 81 bringing by son home from college in Philly a few weeks ago - so pretty there!