Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday BEST

Remember back when all the mom bloggers used to link up what they wore on Sunday and give riveting accounts of how their kids mass behavior was and how much they wanted to top their mass attendance off with a drink? Oh, that last one was just me? Oh well. Anyways, I'm linking up Rosie for old times sake because 1) I got a new skirt that I'm obsessed with, 2) I had a rare free extra few minutes before we scrambled to get everyone in the car to snap a few mediocre, grainy ipad photos and C) the kids were all pretty good today, which I feel like needs to be documented.

Also this terribly uncomfortable-looking robot arm needs to be documented:

The older kids are always pretty good these days with the exception of their uncontrollable need to constantly turn around and stare awkwardly at people, but we will take that over their mid-Mass-tantrums-needing-to-be-carried-out-whilst -scream-begging-not-to-be-spanked behavior of long ago. Yes the older 3 have come a long way and I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge that.
Too much glasses glare, how about this...
That's better.
But now I am blogging as a mom of 2 little boys who are now at the same ages that Naomi and Bernadette were at when the above described  "hypothetical" (but really actually happened) situation took place. However, Joseph doesn't really bring it in the tantrum department as much as he does in the overly-intense-and-physical boy department so today we mostly dealt with him incessantly crawling on the ground from one end of the pew to the other, intermittently snorting like a pig and then stinking his feet waaaaaay out into the aisle when I wasn't looking to try to trip poor passers by coming back from communion. And today was a GOOD day.
Outfit Deats:
Skirt: Max Studio from TJ Max, similar here
Pearls: Target
Wedges: Old Navy

Fred isn't old enough to try shenanigans like those of Joe but he is getting really close and is already number one in his class of high pitch screaming and back arching out of my arms so I'm thinking he and Joe will be partners in bad-Mass-behavior crime in no time.

And that's that! Happy Sunday!


  1. Love that skirt!! And you totally rock peplum tops - I don't think I can make that happen ever...

    Joseph is cracking me up. Peter had a good Mass a few weeks ago so I think we used up our good behavior for the next few months.

    Thanks for linking up! It's just like the old days!

  2. Great outfit! And I am with you on topping off with a drink after--hey, it could be brunch, after all...

  3. I feel your pain, sister! Last week, as I was telling my EIGHTEEN and TWELVE year olds to STOP POKING EACH OTHER IN MASS(!!!!) I was telling my husband that we would probably have better behaved grandchildren and still be telling those two to cut it out! #brothers

  4. Cute outfit! I agree with Rosie, you can totally rock that peplum in a way I never could! #shortpeopleproblems