Tuesday, April 24, 2018

bringing blogging back

I know the song reference is a stretch, but I'm rusty right now. I read Kate's post the other day and it was quite timely because I had just been brainstorming about how I could motivate myself and other bloggers to bring back the old school blog. I miss it, I feel like I need it, although I have literally no clue how to actually fit it into my life. Even my spiritual director suggested I take some time for  "that thing I like to do" (he's pretty old and I don't think the word blog means anything to him, but he knows that I in days of yore I enjoyed some sort of online writing, although I think he might think it's more official than it is).

Here's the thing though: how does one blog when one's life is in a state of what feels like total disarray 100% of the time?? What I mean is, how do I justify squeezing in a blog post when all other aspects of my life are done fairly haphazardly?  And not even entirely out of laziness, I just simply don't have the personal resources to do all the things I am tasked to do perfectly, so I do them all imperfectly. And I'm becoming cool with that.

For instance:

When I do the laundry, it goes a little something like this: Someone pees their pants. "S##t I need to do laundry now". Do a load. Wait a day. Another pair of soiled undies. Crap, I need to do more laundry. Put more in. Wait a day. Or two. Poop. Oh great more laundry. Wait a day. Or three. Now it's been a week. There are approximately 6 loads of laundry to fold and put away. No one has clean underwear. Turn all the clothes right side out. Throw them in their appropriate piles. Toss the boys in their drawers. Command that the girls start putting their own laundry away. Have them throw their unfolded piles into their drawers. Meanwhile Joe has peed himself again. Throw another load in. Start the weekly cycle over.

Not joking. At all.

But when you do laundry and life like I do laundry and life, it feels wrong to even try to squeeze blogging in. However, since I have been spiritually directed to do so, I will throw out my unfolded, haphazard, contribution to the bloggosphere and move on.

I mean seriously if Blythe can blog WITH 8 KIDS, I have no excuse.

So small, lame life update it is! Fred is getting bigger and smaller every day! What I mean by this is that he is physically growing bigger, while still somehow simultaneously being more of an infant every day. I'm talking multiple night wakings some nights (and we are total detachment parents, here, no indulging whatsoever, but he just neeeeeeeeds MANNY!!!! He calls me Manny). I have never had an almost 2-year-old who speaks almost ZERO words, except for Manny. I've actually never not had a new baby or been about to give birth when my youngest is his age, so I guess this is what happens, he's still the baby so why not act like the baby!?

Joe is quite possibly the most delightful little person on the face of the earth. He begins sentences with "Mom, it seems to me that..." or "I don't want to ruin your day, mom, but..." And sometimes if Mike or I have done something and one of us asks "who did that", he will answer us with "Your husband did it" or "Your wife did it". He is 99% convinced that he is *actually* a T-Rex. Today, I told him he needed to go sit on the potty and he said "Uh-huh, yeah, sure, that's a possibiwity" His best friends are made up, their names are John Henry, John Michael, Dee Dee and John Intemphan. He brightens my life.
I mean, seriously, look at him! Star of the Easter picture, that Joe.

Fred and Joe will sometimes throw a tandum tantrum and you can tell that Fred is just mimicking Joe, mostly because he has literally nothing to be upset about. Every single time I just see Roy and his brother from season 3 of the Office when Roy finds out Pam and Jim kissed. I made my first GIF in honor of this and I still think it's the funniest thing ever:

I turned 33 at the end of March. I don't feel a day over 40.

April has been a doozie of a month for a variety of reasons, the weather being first among them. But then there is homeschooling. I've read a lot of books that paint a nice picture of a peaceful homeschool, where everybody is reading great books, working science in to baking projects and gardening, where there is no pressure to "get your school work done" because LIFE is school! This is not my experience of homeschooling. We have great days, days where things are just great. But April just didn't have very many of those days. There was mostly whining anytime the sound "sch..." came upon my lips. Drudgery. All drudgery.

Easter was an extremely welcome break. But I feel like that was ages and ages ago.

And now we've got 2 weeks until testing and I cannot tell you how extremely excited the 2nd and 3rd graders are.  Also the 33 year old.

Mike has set his dissertation defense date so by August he will officially be Dr. Michael Hahn, and we also celebrate our 10 year anniversary so my summer expectations may be a little over the top. Until then, it's still April.

All pictures shamelessly stolen from FB and Insta, because lazy blogging is better than no blogging!


  1. I don’t know if you want laundry advice, but I have six kids and I’m on top of the laundry situation, so I’m offering some.

    Set a day for each load. I do girls’ clothes Monday and Thursday, towels Tuesday and Friday, boys’ clothes Wednesday (my 9yo can run those himself!), our clothes Friday and sheets Saturday. I start the load first thing, and then I have all day to get it to the dryer, but I try to do it in the morning so if the kids all get muddy etc and need everything washed it’s free. Also, that leaves the whole afternoon to get it folded. But if there’s one thing peed on, I toss it in the washer and leave it until the next load, which will be in the morning. My trick to getting stuff put away is that I only have one laundry basket. There is no space for it to pile up. I make the kids do as much as I can, even if it means it’s not folded or put away very well.

    I have very little advice to offer the world, but my laundry game is ����

    1. I second the assigning of laundry to days! It made a huge difference. I always have the basket in there for the ‘just peed on’ clothes. But it’s easy to run that in the afternoon. And once my kids turn 8, they take over their own laundry.

  2. Ana, I’m glad I’m not the only who think april is a hard homeschool month! My 7 year old has taken to running out of the room saying “Noooo” the minute I say, “ok let’s start our day!” But the truth is I sometimes I feel her pain 😂😂

  3. So glad you're back!! My sister and I were just saying we wish you blogged more! Bring on the old school bloggers ;)

  4. Solidarity! Old School Bloggin!

  5. Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one whose homeschooling style is "classical nagging"...:-)

  6. If it's any consolation, I have no more people peeing and pooping in underwear. But I do have many stinky boys playing sports, so THAT'S my laundry driver. All the stinky, sweaty clothes. So it's a trade off!

  7. If you're ever in need of a new "old blog" to peruse, mine's as old school as you can get! I totally agree that I MISS blogs!! Thank you for posting!! www.ahandfulaheartfull.blogspot.com

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