Monday, October 24, 2022

2 months with Scotty

Long time no post! Little Scotty is 2 months old and I've found nary a snippet of time to document his awesomeness, so a long photo-packed post it will be. Let's start at the beginning with the meeting of his extremely excited siblings. We had a sweet friend take the kids for the morning for us so that Mike could come fetch me and Scotty from the hospital and to also give us some time at home to settle in before the kids descended and I would say it was the most peaceful meeting of the new baby we've had to date:

At 9 days old he was baptized and Mike did an insane amount of work planning a seriously awesome party with friends and family- at 9 days postpartum I can confidently say I did barely anyway all except nurse and eat. 

It was an absolutely beautiful day. 

This is all that was in the draft of this post  a year after writing it but it is such a beautiful record of things at that time that I’m posting. 

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  1. Oh yes, I'm glad you chose to post it. The big kids are so cute meeting him, and you guys are rockstars for baptizing Scotty in 9 days! Goals for sure :)