Saturday, November 5, 2011

New niece

I am so thrilled and excited about the arrival of my newest little niece (and soon-to-be God daughter) that I figured I would do a little post about it.

My aforementioned sister, from whom I stole the "super bust-out" concept, just gave birth to her 5th little girl, that's right FIVE little girls 5 and under!! She is absolutely amazing and I do not know how she does it!

I do not currently have a picture of the newbie, baby Elsabet, but here is a little shot if the other crazy cuties:

And my cute pregnant sister there with them :)

The thing that impresses me the most about April is her intense generosity when it comes to openness to life. I am a little wimp who was CONVINCED after our second that we would NEVER be able to have another, and certainly not for a long time. God certainly changes hearts and prepares you when the time is right and when it is best for you, but April's open spirit and willingness to trust even when things are super overwhelming is an inspiration to me and I am so blessed to have her as an example.

Come to think of it, have quite a bit to be grateful for in the way of good examples of openness to life and tons of trust, here are my 3 other older sibs and their little kids. They are all amazing and I love to brag to my friends and even perfect strangers about them and their little ones, I only wish I could live close to them all.
These are my oldest brothers 4 little ones, I couldn't find a photo with him and his wife:
My oldest sister Rebecca (looking fabulous with a little one-month-old) and her 5,

And my sister Bernadette and her three sweet boys:

I guess we'll just keep going with the pictures, here is my little bro and his new wife, not even one month married, they are awesome and she is the youngest of 12, so I am sure there will be babes added to this photo soon:

And for fun, here are my fantabulous parents and the younger siblings:

I think you all get the picture, I love my family and now I am done.

Congratulations to my sister and YAY for new life!!!


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