Friday, November 4, 2011

Super Bust-Out Mode

I wish I could blog all day. Let's be honest, what is more fun than writing about yourself? Not much :)

I wanted to devote an entire post to the worst mall trip ever yesterday, but I don't think I can find the time to do the whole dramatic retelling without entirely neglecting my children and my duties as a housewife.

Let's just say the trip was devoted to finding a pair of perfect jeans for myself (of course it was about me). I found them, realized that I left my wallet at home, the other kids at the play place were tyrants, my small child fell and smashed her little head at Barnes and Noble resulting in both girls throwing a tantrum there (why is everyone so quiet there? It is not a library and I don't know if anyone is really studying or even reading) and then a creepy man followed us out... oh and lastly my older child dropped her beloved blanket which she CANNOT sleep without resulting in a second trip out to the mall around 8 p.m. since her wailing would not subside.
This is what she looked like after the fall, only worse.

"Super bust-out mode" made me feel so much better last night and this morning about my extreme Thursday afternoon laziness (the guilt was crushing).
The idea is quantity, not so much quality. So you summon the energy that you are convinced it no where in your tired little body, you talk yourself up to get some motivation, you set a timer (or put on a 20 minute show for your kids like me and use that as your timer) and you go NUTS on whatever project you are trying to accomplish and get as much done as you can. Like this morning I managed to move a crib by myself from one room to another and actually get 2 rooms looking nice!
Big thanks to my big sis for introducing me to super bust-out mode, when I remember to do it, it revolutionizes my day.

Bust out,

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  1. Oh man did I need this. I am so happy you are back to the blogosphere. You just inspired me to bust out. I. cannot. wait.