Friday, December 7, 2012

7 times boring

Join Jen and the Great Quick Takers again, try to stay awake. 

1) After surviving a week of a nasty little stomach bug which circulated through all three girls, we are getting back to normal. We had a lovely St. Nicholas day yesterday and even though a sizable part of it was spent battling a certain crazy tantruming 3-year-old, I was thrilled that there were zero trips running to the bathroom praying praying praying that she makes it there in time.

back to her sweet, albeit screamy self

2) Speaking of tantrums, where do I even start? My mom says that, of her 8 children, 2 of my sisters and me were the worst with tantrums, so maybe I am just getting what I deserve- but seriously, it's like watching The Exorcist, minus all the vomit. I feel like I have gotten more patient over the past 3.5 years of mothering, but the more patient I get, the more crazy she gets. And it's always right before nap time and bed time, as if she is completely unaware that it is coming, because we don't do it every single day at the exact same time or anything. I am talking about the oldest, largest, heaviest child here, which makes wrangling her and lifting her limp, convulsing body off the floor while carrying the 13 pound 7-week-old in a carrier somewhat difficult. This is becoming a ridiculously long take, but clearly you are not ready for me to be done going on about this, I'll just start a new one.

3) Here's a list of new things happening during the pre-nap tantrum:
  • threatening me
  • threatening small creatures
  • threatening toys
  • throwing things
  • banging doors
  • kicking walls
  • kicking toys
  • making her head spin
The list is not extensive, and maybe I am exaggerating a little, but maybe not. I have employed all known, permissible means of discipline and it only seems to make her drive that much stronger. Maybe I could give in and stop making her have a nap/rest, but maybe she could stop waking up in the middle of the night and ungodly morning hours, causing her to seriously need a nap and me to seriously need a break from her. She cannot have it both ways. I will not give in. (And please don't tell me to cut out her nap and she will sleep better at night, we have done it soooo many times. She dos not follow any typical pattern of sleep and never has. There is just no hope)


4) I finally caught up with the rest of civilization and watched Gangnam Style on Youtube. (I'm how many months late with this?!) And now I am ruined. I have to watch it all the time. I am watching it right now. I am a real sucker for anything that makes me want to dance, and does this video make anyone NOT want to dance, I ask you???I must practice every day until I get it right-- and I will, I promise you.

What? How did this get in here?
5) If anyone hasn't read my sister-in-law's blog, you should. Hannah is hilarious. Yesterday I mentioned that I might link to her blog in my Quick Takes and she said, "I don't know, that seems kind of incestuous, don't you think?"  There's more where that came from-- go visit her. Now.

6How many more randoms things does it take to get to the end of this quick takes?

7) Watch this video. Greatest. Commercial. Ever.


  1. My kids and I were learning the dance this week. I blare the music (not the video - I have to be a semi decent mother) from my computer and we dance party it up.

    As for the nap tantrums...I'm sure you've tried....but I find with my only daughter that giving her a reward for good behavior instead of punishing her for bad really works. She just turned five but will take a nap on the weekend as long as I tell her that going to bed nicely, sleeping and waking up nicely will earn her a candy.

    Or maybe your daughter is ready for the transition from napping to rest time (my oldest stopped napping at 2.5 years old) - where she just has to stay put and do something quietly for an hour. YOU may not be ready for that transition though ;)

  2. My daughter is now 5 years old, but starting at about age 3 she would start having the naptime/bedtime tantrum as well. What worked for us was to start giving her warnings every 5 minutes or so starting about 20-30 minutes before bedtime. "Okay Amelia, 25 minutes to bedtime.....20 minutes to bedtime." I think for her she felt like she had a little more control over it. When it got down to 10 minutes before bedtime it was time for her to start picking up her toys and books and sit down with us to start relaxing and get ready to head to bed. For her, this worked wonders. She no longer fought it like a wild animal.

  3. Three is the unstable age! Kids go crazy. Someone once told me that the hormonal changes around 3 yrs is in par with puberty! Preview of the teen years? Lord help us all!

  4. I hadn't seen Gangnam style either...until I saw it on here! I may have just found away to combat my malaise that comes from a 2-3pm sunset.

    I have no wisdom on the sleep/tantrum front. Maybe you can put whiskey in her juice and see if that helps. Hah! Although I have a sneaking suspicion that my baby girl is going to be the same way.... not even 6 months old and already fighting sleep.

    Also that commercial makes me laugh. Mostly because it's from the Guardian, which is notorious for never having the whole story because it is the the paper of choice for looney Labour voters and fascist do-gooders.

  5. In that first picture it looks like Naomi is coaching Bernadette: "That's it, show 'em we mean business."

  6. B is totally smizing it up! Tyra would be so proud :)

  7. I had one that was a GIANT tantrum-er. Email me if you want some tips on how we cured it. Or not.

  8. Hahahaha thank you. Just thank you. My girls are also 3 and 2 and this is our life exactly with the 3 year old right now. Especially the threatening small animals part.