Thursday, December 6, 2012

Saint Nicholas Day

When I saw that Haley was helping to host a "Little Holy Days" link up, I thought it would be super fun to participate, so I have gotten my stuff together enough to do so. Because we all know I never miss out on a chance to over-share with you. So here we go.

This is the third year in a row that we have made a big deal out of the feast of Saint Nicholas in our home. It began for mostly pragmatic reasons since every year we travel over Christmas and never had a chance to have our own little Christmas morning with our own kids, but is evolving into more than just gift giving.

This year Mike went all out with different ways to celebrate the life of Saint Nicholas and teach the girls about him too, especially the significance of gift giving. Saint Nicholas was extremely generous and known for his giving of gifts, so much so that it makes way more sense to give gifts today than on Christmas-- not that there is anything bad about giving gifts on Christmas, it's just easier to explain to toddlers.

The beginning of Advent has seen the erecting of our Christmas tree, our Jesse Tree (complete with hand-crafted ornaments care of my super creative sister-in-law)...
setting up our Creche and Advent wreath, with nightly Advent devotions...

And now the celebration of the feast of Saint Nicholas:
It began last night with special St. Nicholas pajamas and then wrapping presents and arranging them for the next morning.

This morning after gift giving...
Mike read to the girls different stories from the life of Nicholas while they enjoyed some giant cinnamon breakfast cookies (no recipe, but it was basically Bisquick mix with a bit of sugar and cinnamon, they were delish)

Mike is now out shopping with Naomi and Bernadette for some toys for other kids (a part of the parish Advent Tree project) that we will wrap and bring back to the church tonight.

The girls will also enjoy a viewing of "Nicholas: the boy who became Santa", which is as cheesy as it sounds, but the girls love it and they get a surprising amount of facts from the life of Nicholas right.

Tonight we'll be heading to Mass (on a weekday!!!) and then having a lovely dinner provided by my other awesome sister-in-law and her husband, seriously can't wait. 

Ok, that is enough of me over loading you with ridiculous details of our day, have a great Saint Nicholas Day!!

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And click HERE to see some stuff we did for the feast last year.


  1. I remember watching that St. Nicholas movie as a kid and absolutely loving it. Somehow the cheesiness went way over my head.

    Your St. Nick's traditions are absolutely darling - and what a great idea to make it the gift-giving holiday in lieu of Christmas. I'm saving this post so I'll remember to use these ideas for my own family someday. :)

  2. So cute! I was so proud for remembering this year and got them each a book - but you have outdone yourself! And look at how excited they were! Priceless!

  3. Thanks for linking up, Anna! Loved seeing this little window into your Advent :)

  4. I love that movie! Seriously we had ALL the ccc movies and I want to buy them all for my boys now, but I don't think they come in DVD form, wah. Lucy is so big already!!

  5. Ha! I definitely watched and enjoyed that movie. Your St. Nick's Day looks like so much fun. I barely did anything this year...hpefully we can go all out next year :)

  6. Naomi is seriously such a ham. Adorable.
    And Bernadette's face in the before bed pic is my go-to-picture-taking face :)

  7. Thanks for linking up with us! I hope you can come by and share for the next two link ups! I love how you tie in giving to others on the same day, a great way to really instill the message in young children.

  8. Wow! You put this Catholic mama to shame! What an awesome celebration, Ana!