Thursday, December 20, 2012

Tips and tricks to traveling with 3 kids

Yes, I have had 3 kids for a whopping 2 months, which obviously makes me the expert on the matter. Also I have traveled farther than the grocery store or the mall play place with all 3 never.

But 'wisdom doth not discriminate', isn't that a saying? No? Well either way, here are some tricks I have learned whilst preparing for travel with 3 youngins over the last few days.

Technically we haven't *actually* traveled yet, but I am really smart. I mean really smart. So read on...

1) Use your delegation powers and leave packing for the children of the family-- up to the children!
Lucy is so lazy
How could it go wrong? I mean they are the ripe old ages of 3 and 2, they deserve responsibility and you deserve a break. Isn't that the Montessori tag line? The job gets done and you can have a drink.

2) Be sure to clean the house as little as possible. You don't want to set a precedent for future travel and you want to come home to your home, how it always looks. It will be a more welcoming place the messier it is. I promise.
Home sweet home
3) While on cleanliness, be sure to leave ALL the trash in ALL the cans. If at all possible, leave dirty diapers and food that will spoil as well, this increases the likelihood that your neighbors will pick up the scent and come in and take it out for you. Less work for you. Win Win!

4) Waste as much time on the internet leading up to your estimated departure time as possible. This will increase the challenge of getting your family out the door and thus increase the excitement.

5) Find something wrong with your car at the latest possible moment and take it to the shop demanding that it be returned as close to your estimated departure time as possible. This will increase the suspense surrounding leaving and thus increase the excitement. It's like watching an action movie. Think the 90s hit "Speed"-- you're Sandra Bullock and your husband is Keanu Reeves, role play if need be. If it doesn't feel like a bomb is about to go off if you don't get out of your house on time you probably won't get out on time.

6) Do NOT shower prior to getting in the car. The strong your stank is the less likely your children are to bother you in the car. 

And the number one trick to the success of traveling with 3 kids 3 and under is...

7) Stay home.
 But where would the fun be in that?
Anxiously awaiting all the fun. Doing approximately nothing to help.

We like fun a lot and will always travel to see our beloved families, as long as they are waiting with arms open to catch our kids and several boxes of wine.

Happy holidays party people!


  1. Hahahaha! Good luck and have fun. We always find our children do better than we anticipate so just think the worst and you'll be happy in the end :)

  2. oh, gosh. ha. this almost makes me thankful we can't go anywhere ... but I PRAY they shock you. they jusssssst might!!!!

    hope the VHSs keep them entertained ...

  3. Lucy really needs to step up her game if she wants any of her stuff packed.

    Hope you have a GREAT time with your families! Enjoy any and all free babysitting! (Duh, you already know that) Travel safely!

  4. haha...will be mentally noting these smart, smart tips! :)

  5. Hahaha, trying to get out of town usually feels like the end of an action movie- so I must be doing something right!

  6. Great list! Hope your travels go well!

    I have actually started to let my 4.5 yr old help with the packing, she packs her current favorite clothes ~ I check for necessities like sweaters and underwear.

  7. Thank you so very much for the laughs! You are hysterically funny. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and are you in your basement family room in those pics? Because it looks like you are in *my* basement family room. Seriously. Down to the color of paint on the radiator.

    A merry almost Christmas to you and your sweet family.

  8. I am on the internet right now instead of packing and we're leaving on a trip at 1:30!!

    But I'm bouncing the baby to sleep, so I have an excuse ... and maybe I can finish packing if he will take a nap :P

    Great post!

  9. "...they deserve responsibility and you deserve a break. Isn't that the Montessori tag line? The job gets done and you can have a drink." Seriously, I just love you. About to break out a loud, only slightly tipsy rendition of Michelle Branch's "You Get Me"...