Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What I Wore on Christmas

Hiding in a corner to quickly type this and show you my sneakily taken selfies care of my lil-sis and her helpful i-phone.

We're doing well here and are currently hiding from a stomach bug circulating among some of my nieces and nephews. The paranoid mom in me comes out when faced with the prospect of vomiting/diarrhea-ing toddlers and 2-month-old. I am hoping it will end its unwelcome streak very soon so that I can soak up some seriously needed/wanted time with my sisters and all their chillins.

In the mean time we are holing up over here at the Hahn Castle, eating as many cookies as we can find, watching as many movies as is acceptable, and running from as many stink bugs as we see (by "we" I mean "me"). If you have never seen or heard of a "stink bug", you are a lucky soul indeed.

And now for what they wore:
Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
 And what I wore:
sneaky porch shot: check
awkward chest shot: check
border-line old lady boot-shoes: check

Dress: previously talked about Gabriel Brothers, nothing like it
Tights: same place
Shoes: Karen Scott (old lady) @ Macys real cheap
Necklace: Target

Now if you'll excuse me, there is a summer sausage that I spotted on the top shelf-o-the fridge calling to me, I must away.

Merry Christmas folks, now head over to Grace and see what all the other the festive ladies wore today!


  1. Ummm, what the heck - did you or did you not just push out that chubby and beautiful baby pictured above? Because your skinny awesomeness proves otherwise.

    Merry Christmas Hahn Family!!!

  2. Beautiful as always! The jewelry/dress combo are a complete win and the wee ones look just adorable! Hope your day was full of cookies and the stink bugs start leaving you alone! They really are the worst

  3. Agree with Coleen... you did not just have a baby! Looking good girl!!! Merry Christmas!

  4. Great sweater dress! And love the girls' matching clothes on Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas!

  5. How are those booties old lady?? They are adorable and complete your outfit. Will pray you are able to dodge the nasty bug.

  6. Love the color on that dress!! The girls look so sweet and oh, my what a head of hair on that 2 month old sweetpea!!!

  7. Holy crap, you look awesome! Way to get back to your skinny minny self! Hope you guys had a great Christmas....:)

  8. Our outfits are mighty similar, which means you look fabulous! Also, are you disappearing? You are mighty trim, my dear!

  9. Your daughters are so adorable, each and every one of them! What fun to dress girls!

    And you, Ana, look like a model. You are doing an awesome job making motherhood look beautiful!

    That was a fast weight loss! It must be the three-under-four-I-run-around-all-day exercise plan.

  10. Just wanted to say 'hi'! I was in need of a good distraction today, which you provided wonderfully with you blog. Thanks for that!

  11. Thumbs up on the Summer Sausage and granny boots. Right there with on Satan's stink bugs. I mean it's December for crying out loud! Why aren't they all dead by now?!

  12. You are rockin' the monochrome, skinny lady! Gorgeous :D