Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5 (more) things

1) why are you making that face, mom? 2) this is so embarrassing 3) where are your other kids? 4) get off of my face

In the spirit of 5 things and because Grace tagged me, and because I am looking for anything else to do besides fixing yet another cup of tea-half-filled-with-honey transferred into a sippy cup at just the right temperature for 2 and 3 year-old overly sensitive tongues- but not TOO cold or else it will not be pleasing unto them- and because they are currently resting their sick little heads on my pillows while the baby kicks herself happy in the bouncy seat- I am giving in and divulging 5 things to the blogoshere that no one cared to know in the first place.

You really didn't think that sentence was going to end, did you?

Break to pry the girls out of my room- Bernadette is now doused in Obsession for men, great.

When I was little and on into high school I really wanted to be an astronomer. 
Then I found out that there was a ton of physics involved and that to go to outer space you had to do a little bit more than just look at the stars. 
So I decided to get married and have kids, much easier.

I am a Starbucks Barista. 
I say "am" because I am telling you, I could still make most of their drinks better than they do when I order them, no offense if you are reading this and are also a barista, I am sure your drinks are phenom.
I still remember exactly how to steam milk and brew a top notch shot of espresso and sometimes I just wish I could go work at Starbucks, although I LOVE being a mother. Promise.

I was a very heavy partier at one time in my very far distance past life. 
I will not get into specifics, but suffice it to say that there is a fair bit of my life that I simply do not remember. The end.

I am very much a middle child, sandwiched in between 4 older and 3 younger siblings. Which means: I'm overly sensitive, cry waaaaaay too easily, hate hate hate confrontation and will probably do whatever you ask me to do even if I really don't want to. And if I say "no" I will feel suuuuper guilty over-think it for a very long time Also I over-share and talk too much. 
These are not stereotypical middle child characteristics, just Ana's middle child characteristics.

All the above being said, when I was in high school I went through a phase where I overcompensated for all my middle childness and picked fights with other high school girls all the time. I would set up fist fight dates and everything, I thought I was so BA. I was actually scared shitless. And I never hit anyone.

Alright, that was way too much info for your Wednesday night. Hopefully you stopped at #1.

Now it's time for Jenny, Jamie, Lauren, Cari and Kelly to join in the TMI fun!

P.S. To my bloggy friends who have nominated me for the Liebster award-- THANK YOU! 
I will try try try to participate, that one is just a wee bit longer and will take a little more time- but I will work on it!


  1. Loved all these! And, so you don't feel bad, the twins spilled it all over and now smell like Aquavelva aftershave.

  2. Hilarious!!

    I was (am?) also a Starbucks Barista. And I can't tell you how it boils my blood when they will charge me for TWO syrups when I want to go halfsies on flavors (not more pumps). UGH! I also worked at a Dutch Bros coffee stand. So I am super snobbish when it comes to fancy coffees. And I'm with you, most of the time and I just want to hop back there and say, "Oh, just let ME do it!"

  3. So you don't like confrontations but you would pick fights? You are an interesting one Ana! No wonder Mike fell in love, I bet you always keep him on his toes :)

  4. Remember that one time we met because we found out we were going to be roommates and thought it would be good to get over the awkwardness with a girl fight?... I don't either.

    You are awesome. And I guess now it is my turn. Thanks for tagging me!

  5. Fist fight dates. can't stop laughing!! awesome.

  6. Hysterical. I'm the oldest girl (one older brother) so I'm a micro-manager of details and I think I know everything. (But I do feel realllly guilty when I say no to people.)

    I was going to tag you cuz I didn't realize Grace did so I'm glad I did blog rounds before posting :)

  7. I have often thought that Starbucks would be an excellent weekend job for a SAHM, adult contact and discount good coffee.

    Great pics of you and Lucy!

  8. Pretty sure being and astronomer would be easier than being a mom some days. I love your random things.

  9. You scheduled fights???? Oh my gosh, I cannot even believe! These are awesome. Wow. Lurv it.

  10. Hahaha, I love the "break" part of the post. I think we should all chronicle our writing interruptions. I can't even begin to imagine how interesting they would be. :o)
    Moving on, this may be one of my favorite 5 things post ever. #3 and #5 had me lol'ing way too much!